11 thoughts on “In-Person & Online Voting Details”

  1. I noticed no more paid Holiday’s? I work location is closed on Major holiday’s like Labor Day, Christmas etc..! So we will have to use Vacation day’s on a day the office is closed and we have no choice but to work, is there a exception since were not in the hospital which is 24/7.?

  2. After I logged in and submitted my ballot for contract ratification, I saw this message on the voting page. What is this about?

    “How to vote in this election: Sep. 01, 2019 – Sep. 09, 2019
    Thank you for your interest in Local 328. You are not eligible to vote in this election because this election is for non-members only.”

    1. Hi Mary. I didn’t set up the election, so I’m not sure what that was for–since you’re a member, it can be disregarded. After voting on the contract ratification, did you see the options to vote for convention delegates and the executive board?

  3. Hi Guys – There were a lot of folks looking around for the AFSCME table at the farmer’s market today when I was there. I hope you are able to make it. Thanks!

  4. I am looking for the entire list of candidates running for office and for AFL-CIO, not just the ones submitting a bio. The article said it would be in the comments, but I don’t see it.

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