Where’s the Contract?

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As you are probably aware, AFSCME Local and OHSU reached a tentative agreement on a new contract in mid-August, after a marathon bargaining session of almost 22 hours. To prepare for the ensuing ratification vote, we provided our members with an annotated, red-line version of the contract showing the changes, new letters of agreement and highlights of the new contract. On Monday, September 9, after a week of voting, our 2015 – 2019 contract was ratified with almost 99% of the vote.

So, where can our represented employees find a PDF of the final contract? How do union activists request a printed copy? Well, we still don’t have them.

What’s going on? With every new contract there are a number of “housekeeping” items that the parties work on, such as removing typos, making sure all the new language is included in the PDF, renumbering the contract articles, etc.

However, there remains a sticking point that our union and OHSU haven’t agreed to. OHSU has taken a position that salaried employees aren’t eligible for the new weekend differential. Local 328 has been clear that we did not agree to this exclusion at the bargaining table. The weekend differential is one of the last items we reached agreement on; as part of the discussion, both our union and OHSU presented estimates of how much the new differential would cost over the length of the contract. OHSU’s cost estimate was significantly higher than Local 328’s estimate, so we asked their team to explain how they arrived at their number; during management’s explanation, they did not specify that salaried employees would not receive the differential. In fact, OHSU’s team didn’t seek to clarify their position on this matter at any point in the discussion around the weekend differential.

OHSU’s bargaining counsel followed up with Local 328 yesterday, letting us know that management retains their position that salaried employees are excluded from the weekend differential. Unfortunately, since we have a significant disagreement, this matter will likely end up in arbitration. Two things will happen in the meantime: (1) We may meet with OHSU to discuss the matter. Our union is amenable to this, but want to make it clear to our membership that we will not agree now to something that we didn’t agree to at the bargaining table, and (2) We are proceeding with printing the final contract and preparing the PDF so there is no further delay in making the document available to our membership.

We’re sorry that we’ve reached a snag in what’s usually a routine post-ratification process. Should our arguments prevail with the arbitrator (or, hopefully, with OHSU prior to that), a letter of agreement will be prepared stating that the weekend differential does apply to our salaried employees. We’ll keep you informed when we have updates on this process.

23 thoughts on “Where’s the Contract?”

  1. Is this for all salaried employees who work weekends? Or just specific roles? For example, I am a salaried Program Technician 2, and I work every third weekend. As always, thank you AFSCME for your hard work.

      1. Would it be for any salaried employee that does work on the weekends, or only if you are scheduled to work on the weekends. (I sometimes do work “on my own time” on the weekend to get caught up on the unrealistic volume of work that we are given. But officially my job is a M-F job.)

    1. It won’t have any effect on the payment of the 3.25% across-the-board raise, the lump-sum payment, or the payment of the weekend differential for hourly employees. At this time, salaried employees who’ve worked a weekend shift since 9/30 won’t be paid the weekend differential as expected.

      1. so if salaried positions eventually received this differential will we get retro pay for the weekends they haven’t paid us?

  2. Thank you for this update! I had been wondering when the finalized contract would appear, particularly after we received the email stating it would soon be available on 02.

  3. Thank you for the update. I would like to post a copy on the AFSCME bulletin board once I have it. I am sure I can use a clip to get it to stay available:)

    1. Still working on it. :( We’re waiting on the letter of agreement acknowledging the disagreement re: weekend differential. We’ll be emailing folks an update (such as it is), early next week.

  4. Also the new compensation plan is posted, finally, but on the salaried section, in quarter 4 it states “up to 1.5%”, is this not guaranteed now that we are back to quartile raises like hourly employees?

    1. The classifications who’ll be getting preceptor pay are:

      Physical Therapist, Physical Therapy Assistant
      Occupational Therapist
      Speech & Language Pathologist Tech
      Surgical Services Tech
      Rad Tech (inpatient)
      Echo Tech
      Respiratory Care Practitioner, Coordinator & Discharge Planner
      CT Tech
      MRI Tech
      Nuclear Medicine Tech
      Ultrasound Tech
      Vascular Tech

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