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We’d like to thank the hundreds of employees who came out for our contract-ratification celebration. We have a lot to celebrate! Not only did our members take a firm stand to help our bargaining team protect health-insurance benefits and prevent an unpopular PTO system, but we also added new differentials, improved wages and created a variety of programs to help members in need.

It’s been about two months since our bargaining team reached an agreement with OHSU.  little over a month ago, a record-breaking number of members participated in the ratification vote and Local 328 executive-board election. Now that bargaining is over and the election of new union leadership is behind us, has the window for members to give our union direction and feedback ended? Far from it! As a member-driven organization, Local 328 thrives when our represented employees’ voices are heard. There are a number of ways you can communicate with our union:

    • Read and comment on our Facebook page and blog posts. Interacting with our members via our blog was invaluable during bargaining, and we want our members to continue to reach out in this way.
    • Touch base with your unit steward — or become one. Ideally, you have a unit steward in your department who shares information about current union news and asks for your feedback. If not, you should consider becoming the unit steward for your work area — for more information, email Jordan Muehe at trustee3@local328.
    • Attend a quarterly membership meeting. Our union will be transitioning from the monthly town halls of bargaining to quarterly membership meetings in the weeks ahead. Our members are encouraged to attend and bring questions or topics to discuss. In addition to discussing union news and business, we anticipate bringing in guest speakers — community leaders, elected officials, labor activists from other unions and more. These meetings will be live-streamed just as the bargaining town halls were. Stay tuned for details.
    • Take our post-bargaining survey! Something that was crucial to our union’s success at the bargaining table was feedback from the many members who helped inform our strategy by taking part in our surveys before and during contract negotiations. We’ve just launched a new post-bargaining survey for our members — check your email for the survey link. Please take the survey and let us know how you feel about a variety of bargaining- and work-related subjects. How satisfied are you with Local 328’s 2019 bargaining campaign? What are your thoughts about the social-media trolling incident involving members of OHSU’s bargaining team? Do you believe there’s an anti-union bias in certain OHSU work areas? The survey opens at 7:45 a.m. on Friday, October 18. We greatly value your feedback.

As our union moves forward with an engaged membership and a passionate new executive board, we are committed to making OHSU better for you, your peers, our families and our community. We are stronger together.

13 thoughts on “Take Our Post-Bargaining Survey!”

  1. Many of us got to view our new paystubs today. I thought that the vacation accruals were increased by 1 day across the board for everyone. Is this correct? Yet my paystub today reflects the same accrual rate as before. Was this supposed to be effective starting Sep 30 as well?

      1. I feel like that might not have been communicated very well or I missed something. I thought it was part of the deal that was at the time of our pay increase. Glad we have it coming though!

        1. It was mentioned in the draft contract that was provided pre-ratification, but I realize folks might not be poring over that with a fine-tooth comb. Next bargaining we’ll try to make it clear in the summary documents when something isn’t effective right away. :)

    1. The lump-sum payments were paid out in today’s paycheck. I’m not sure how being on short-term disability might affect eligibility for the payment, so you may want to contact OHSU Payroll for additional info.

  2. The Employee Benefits Council notes from October mention: “Anna updated the EBC on the new wellness vendor that had been selected and consensus by the EBC was received to move to Virgin Pulse”

    Is there any additional information that the EBC representatives can provide on that change, and the potential timeline?

    1. The reason for this change is that OHSU has been dissatisfied with Interactive Health as the wellness-program vendor. The EBC reviewed services and costs proposed by two potential vendors, and voted to approve changing to Virgin Pulse. As of the last EBC meeting there was no target effective date for the change. We’ll share information about this as it becomes available.

  3. Not on topic for this post, but do you (AFSCME) know anything about this “activity assessment” thing that has been emailed to seemingly most financial & administrative staff at OHSU? It sounds like it’s a tool that will be used to justify eliminating positions so those of us who have received it are a little alarmed.

    1. We (Local 328) haven’t heard any additional information about this, but it’s on our radar, so if we learn more we’ll pass that information along.

      My personal opinion—based on the verbiage in the activity-assessment email and Dr. Jacobs’ latest OHSU Now post—is that OHSU does seem to be gearing up to do some cuts and/or freezes. I don’t think that the information an individual employee shares in the assessment would directly affect their own position, though. My position was eliminated during the mass layoffs OHSU did in 2009–it’s not a fun process to go through, but we do have good layoff protections in our contract, should any positions be cut in the future.

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