Correction re: Timing of 3% Raise

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After clarification with OHSU Human Resources, Local 328 regrettably needs to offer a correction to the July 13 President’s Message ratification email.

HR had requested express notification on Monday, July 13, of the contract-ratification vote results; we incorrectly assumed this to mean that HR would work with Payroll to process this year’s 3% across-the-board raise for payment on the July 17 paycheck. That is not the case.

The new 2015-2019 contract states that the first across-the-board raise of 3% goes into effect on the first full pay period after ratification. You will begin earning the higher rate starting July 13 and the raise will start appearing in your paycheck on July 31.

We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.

One thought on “Correction re: Timing of 3% Raise”

  1. This is so unacceptable. The whole point of the 3% COLA was to offset the greed of OHSU making us pay our entire employee contribution to PERS. Now, in the middle of summer when many of us have higher day care costs, we’re losing money on our next paycheck. This is just another reason why I don’t feel that OHSU cares about me one bit.

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