About That Apology…

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A Rare Retraction

On Feb. 11th our Union posted a story about patient transportation management banning AFSCME badges, then apologizing. While the content of the story remains true, management never issued an apology despite verbally agreeing that that was something they should do.

It is unfortunate that Transportation management has taken that stance. Our union was hoping that by agreeing to pull back on their ban and apologize for the violation of member’s rights we could move on and hopefully see this as a trust building opportunity with department management. Obviously, we were mistaken in attempting to do so, as it seems that was not their intention. However, it is important for our union to be the party acting in good faith.

Members in transportation continue to face treatment that workers should not have to face in 2016. Intimidation for union activity, continued favoritism and many other problems are still rampant in the department. We will be continuing to advocate on our members behalf and will not stop. If you have stories or information about transportation please send them to their Staff Rep. Ross Grami, rgrami@oregonafscme.com.

3 thoughts on “About That Apology…”

  1. Yeah management said that due to a recent policy change, we could wear other badge holders besides the “I Care” ones. Management also said that we wear the “I Care” ones to show the patients, we care about them. Well I guess I don’t care about the patients since I wear an AFSCME one. How about we wear both so we show that we care about our patients annnddd our coworkers?

  2. Are you kidding me? A supervisor/s thought the badge reels issues wouldn’t be questioned? Don’t they need 3 or 4 meetings and a consultation to make that decision?

    And now they can’t send an email “thank you for all you do.”

    PS my personal opinion is that patients don’t give a hoot about badge reels, its just part of the uniform.

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