This week Local 328 presented our first round of economic proposals to OHSU. Our union’s bargaining team proposed language stating that: 

  • New: Weekend Differential — A 7 percent differential will be paid for all hours worked between 11:00 p.m. on Friday through 11:00 p.m. on Sunday.
  • New: Float Differential — A 10 percent differential will be paid to employees whose position is formally designated as a float position; a 5 percent differential will be paid to other employees who are occasionally assigned to work as a float.
  • New: Preceptor Work — A 7 percent differential will be paid to employees who perform assigned preceptor duties. 
  • New: Advanced Certification Differential — Employees who are certified by a national organization in a specialty area (not including certifications required to legally practice or required by the employer) and who are working in a position in the area of their certification will be paid a differential of $1.25 per hour.
  • New: Reimbursement of Certification/Recertification Fees — Employees will be reimbursed for certification/recertification fees that meet eligibility requirements.
  • 7.7 Time Off Between Regularly Scheduled Shifts — When an employee works two consecutive shifts with less than 10 consecutive hours off between the shifts, the employee will be paid time and a half for the entirety of the shift after the shortened rest period.
  • 9.1.4 Scheduling and Assignment of Overtime — In the rare event that an employee is required to work more than 16 hours in a 24-hour period, the employee will be paid double-time for those hours.
  • 10.8 Inclement Weather Team — An employee working on snow removal as part of the inclement-weather team will receive an additional $10.00 per hour (up from $8.00 per hour).

The Local 328 bargaining team spent the afternoon finalizing additional economic proposals. OHSU chose not to offer any proposals or counterproposals today. The final date that either team can present new proposals is April 23.


  1. Can you please make sure these proposals apply to all union members. Us salaried folks have a history of being excluded from these lucrative differentials

  2. These proposals are great. I am really grateful to the bargaining team for bringing such good ideas to the table. Most of these don’t apply to me personally, but I think that they are great tools for getting fair compensation.

  3. As a licensed professional in the rehabilitation department at OHSU, I am so very happy to see these proposals! Our staff deserve to be compensated for their skills, expertise, and commitment to their professions, which OHSU currently encourages and profits from without sharing those financial benefits with employees. Thanks for bringing this issue to light and to the bargaining table!

  4. Can you please clarify if these proposals pertain to all of AFSCME or just to the Professional/Technical Sector.

  5. Thank you for asking for fair compensation for the skills and work provided by employees. We should all be compensated for the contributions we make that OHSU uses to market itself as the best place for care and learning!

  6. This preceptor pay differential would be amazing. We are always training students and it is a lot of work. It’s great to have the students because we need new people trained, but this would help offset the tremendous amount of work it does take.

  7. Awesome ideas! The Weekend shift differential and Advanced certification differential are two that I personally feel are important to keep pushing for!

  8. Please continue to negotiate for a weekend shift differential. Those of us working every weekend end up sacrificing a large portion of our social work/life balance. There should be some compensation for that.
    I also appreciate and support compensation for advanced credentials. Any knowledge and training above what is a required for a position should be rewarded and encouraged.
    Thank you for bargaining on our behalf.

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