19 thoughts on “Join Us at Next Week’s Town Hall”

  1. Why did OHSU decide not to participate in the town hall? The email blast they sent said that AFSCME was changing the focus of the town hall, but didn’t say how? Do we know the detailed rationale?

    I find this to be very disappointing.

    1. Hi Jennie. When we extended our invitation to HR, it was with the understanding that the format of this town hall would be similar to previous ones where OHSU has been invited to speak. That is, HR would give a brief presentation and then field some questions from our members. We haven’t changed this focus at all, and are disappointed that OHSU has chosen not to participate.

      We did let OHSU know that in the final segment of the event we planned to discuss what happens at the end of bargaining if we haven’t reached agreement (impasse, cooling-off period, etc.), strike FAQ, etc. That appears to have influenced HR’s willingness to meaningfully engage with our members at the town hall.

  2. Wow, so just received the email from the OHSU management bargaining team, I am truly upset at what they’re trying to pull.

    “It has become clear through their recent communications that AFSCME has changed their focus for the meeting. I no longer feel that this forum will be constructive and therefore have decided that OHSU will not be participating in the joint session on Wednesday, May 22.”

    I do not believe this for a second, the President, Matt, has always made it a clear point that at this Town Hall we must all be civil and respect the management bargaining team. I believe they just want to have a meeting without Union representation, which is not right whatsoever. I have lost respect for the OHSU management bargaining team after that condescending email.

    1. I agree. I went through all my emails and re-read the blog, and I don’t see any language that makes it seem that we are changing the focus of the meeting. I find the language that is being used to be fair and constructive. I just don’t understand where this is coming from, and it’s a loss to all to not have both points of view and representatives to explain each stance.

    2. Hi LW. Thank you for your support. We are disappointed that OHSU has chosen not to engage with our members at a joint event, and don’t agree with their assertion that we changed the focus of the town hall. Please see my comment above to Jennie for additional information.

  3. Wow. I cannot believe that Hollie Hemenway sent an email backing out of being part of the Town Hall on the 22nd.

    It’s apparent that they don’t respect their employees enough to answer the tough questions we have.

    Why didn’t she ask someone from OHSU team to join her if she is concerned? Seems like a cowardly move.

  4. I was offended to receive this email. How can meeting with AFSCME members and listening to concerns and questions be “not constructive?” So disappointed in OHSU!

  5. I am also disappointed that OHSU has withdrawn from the Town Hall. It does not reflect well upon their intentions nor does it indicate any willingness from them to engage in meaningful conversation. I find this discouraging.

  6. This is quite upsetting, considering the changes to our healthcare plans that they’re attempting to make (and during a time of record profit for OHSU).

    How do we push back and apply pressure for OHSU’s presence at the meeting? She should have the decency to look us in the eye if she wants to make these changes to our livelihood. People should be angry.

  7. OHSU thinks so little of its employees that it won’t participate in a town hall and then insults everyone and Mr. Hilton with a condescending, misleading and accusatory email? Disappointing leadership but frankly not unexpected.

    1. After today’s bargaining session, it seems likely that the reason OHSU doesn’t want to engage with our members at the town hall is because of their responses to our union’s economic proposals. (Details to be posted on our blog later tonight.) That makes their email today, which implied that Local 328–Matt in particular—somehow misled them about the town hall, even more disappointing.

  8. This is so disappointing. I had hoped to use the town hall and hearing directly from OHSU to help me decide weather a strike could be necessary and worth it for me personally. I guess their refusal to participate answers my question… Really tired of the disrespect. Thanks to the afscme bargaining team!

  9. This is so disappointing but also what I have grown accustomed to expect from OHSU leadership: Generally dismissive of our concerns, quick to lay blame elsewhere and unable to provide answers to our questions.

  10. The OHSU email made it seem like they were the victim. Oh please. Have the intestinal fortitude to stand up and defend your proposals, OHSU. You’re not Sarah Sanders.

  11. The email from OHSU yesterday was very disappointing to me, but now makes SO much more sense. This wasn’t about AFSCME changing the focus of the meeting at all, this was entirely about OHSU rejecting every proposal and not wanting to show up and field questions or engage in dialogue.

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