Bargaining-Session Update: May 14 Economic Counterproposals

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Today was our final day at the table before mediation starts next week. As the expiration date of our current contract draws closer, it’s more important than ever that our members are paying attention to bargaining and participating in bargaining-related activities:

    • Take our bargaining survey to give our union direction during mediation and let us know your thoughts re: settling vs. striking.
    • Attend our town hall on Wednesday, May 22, from 12 noon to 1:00 p.m. in UHS 8B60.
    • Attend our bargaining rally and BBQ! Join your coworkers at this family-friendly event on Thursday, June 13, at 4:00 p.m. This march will be one of the best tools we have, short of a strike, to show OHSU the strength of our opposition to the take-backs it has proposed. 
    • Start thinking about what you’re willing to do to prevent OHSU’s bad proposals from going into effect. OHSU proposes financial take-backs every contract because it thinks our members will just accept it, but you have the power to tell OHSU that enough is enough. Read our strike FAQ and then read our “S Word” article for steps you can take now to prepare financially in the event our union goes on strike.

Buckle up — today OHSU finally responded to our economic proposals. (See our April 2 and April 9 bargaining updates for details about our proposals.) It’s not good news:

    • 7.7 Time Off Between Regularly Scheduled Shifts: OHSU rejected our proposal.
    • 8.2.2 Longevity Rate: OHSU rejected our proposal.
    • 9.1.4 Scheduling & Assignment of Overtime: OHSU countered our proposal for penalty pay after an employee works more than 16 hours in a 24-hour period by stipulating that this additional pay would be applicable after 16 consecutive hours.
    • Weekend Differential: OHSU rejected our proposal.
    • Float Differential: OHSU rejected our proposal.
    • Advanced Certification Differential: OHSU rejected our proposal.
    • Preceptor Work: OHSU rejected our proposal.
    • 22.1.3 Tuition Discounts: OHSU rejected our proposal.
    • 22.2 Requirements of Job Position: OHSU rejected our proposal.
    • 28 Labor Management Committee: OHSU approved funding to maintain Labor Management Committee activities (including the Career and Workplace Enhancement Center) for three years.
    • Appendix A: Contract Variations Applicable to Salaried Employees: OHSU rejected our proposal.
    • Free TriMet Bus Passes: OHSU rejected our proposal, but offered to not increase the cost of TriMet passes for AFSCME employees for the duration of the new contract.
    • PERS Pension Rates: OHSU rejected our proposal.
    • 403(b) Contribution Match: OHSU rejected our proposal.
    • 8.1 Across the Board Increases: OHSU proposed an effective 1.0% raise for each year of a three-year contract. We say “an effective 1.0%” here because OHSU proposed 1.5% increases, but would withhold 0.5% to help address its pay inequities. It also proposed additional pay increases for employees who make $19.23/hour or less.

In addition to rejecting our economic proposals, OHSU is standing firm on its insurance take-backs and its unpopular PTO proposal, making some small movements in a few areas. Check out the details here.

During its presentation this afternoon, OHSU made it clear that it (a) doesn’t feel its current financial position is as exceptional as we do, (b) feels that members of our bargaining unit are compensated well above market and (c) feels that its proposed insurance take-backs are modest and that our insurance benefits will remain “rich” even after the take-backs. Undoubtedly, OHSU’s bargaining-update email will contain bells and whistles to convince our members that it can’t afford any of our economic proposals and that what it has proposed is all that our members deserve (or don’t deserve). Do you agree? How would your pay be affected if all of OHSU’s proposals went into effect as they currently stand?

OHSU’s compensation FAQ states that “Many people choose to work at OHSU because they believe in its mission. When people look at the pay and benefits at OHSU, and consider the chance to do meaningful, rewarding work, the clear choice should be to join — and stay — at OHSU.” It actually seems as if the employer expects us to stay at OHSU merely for the chance to do meaningful work, rather than for pay that keeps up with the cost of living and benefits that are affordable. As you ponder the above and perhaps wonder why OHSU doesn’t seem to value the work done by AFSCME-represented employees, you should know that OHSU executives received $1.4 million in bonuses in 2018 — in addition to their $30 million in base pay. (A copy of the article from the Lund Report will be attached to today’s bargaining-update email.)

Finally, and we can’t stress this enough: If you are upset by OHSU’s take-backs and its rejection of our economic proposals, you must act to keep them from becoming reality: take the survey, show up at the town hall, show up at the bargaining rally and make sure your coworkers know about the type of contract OHSU is proposing for us. OHSU is counting on its assumption that our members aren’t willing to withhold their labor for a short time in order to win a fair contract — will you prove OHSU wrong? We need to tell OHSU “enough is enough” now.

141 thoughts on “Bargaining-Session Update: May 14 Economic Counterproposals”

  1. Why is OHSU clearly disrespecting the hardworking folks who keep the university running? They clearly only care about the star physicians, and the board. Mostly older white (tall) men.

  2. 1.5% for three years! That equates to a pay cut every year when compared to the local CPI. Then they want to keep .5% of the “raise”. Argh!

  3. Thank you for the update. OHSU executives are going to have fun running the hospital alone. We will not stand down. Their proposals are absolutely MAD. We are lining their pockets so that they can keep taking from ours. IT STOPS NOW, 2019. We will not stand for this. OHSU should be ashamed, embarrassed, and ready to fight.

      1. NR-That would have been a really good question for OHSU HR to answer at the Bargaining Info session that they backed out of yesterday. I guess they didn’t want to face a room full of hurt, confused, upset and disrespected employees. We’ll still be there, hope to see you as well! Thanks for staying vigilant!

  4. How does OHSU justify executive bonuses while ignoring the employees that really keep this machine moving?? Share the wealth OHSU!

    1. That’s a great question, Katie. Are you coming to the Informational picket & bbq on June 13th at 4pm? Your question would look great on a sign! It’s time to let OHSU know how we really feel about these proposals. See you there!

  5. OHSU can’t call themselves successful if they are cutting employee benefits. They are counting on us being idiots. It’s insulting everything they are proposing and rejecting.

  6. This is so disheartening. I have never felt so completely disregarded and under valued as an employee. These proposals are Dickensian in their cruel, purposeful attempts to profit by reducing our standard of living.

    I had an appointment with a provider outside OHSU this week. When I explained how OHSU wanted employees to sacrifice their raises to pay for OHSU’s discriminatory pay practices she used the word “unconscionable” and it is. You can’t make amends for injuring one group of people by hurting even more and calling it equity. I honestly ashamed of the people I work for, for the first time in my life.

    1. It’s so disheartening, Christine. This is a chance for us to stand together and let OHSU know that we deserve to be valued and respected. That we love our jobs and our patients and we’re proud of what we do and we want to be proud of who we work for. I hope to see you at the picket on the hill June 13th at 4pm. Bring your friends, family, co-workers, and even your Doctor!

  7. OHSU YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED of how you are treating your employees right now. This is outrageous. We will not stand for this!!!!

  8. Does the management bargaining team and the executives think that we are stupid ?
    They get raises and they expect us not to and deal with cutbacks I don’t think so I’m ready to strike if need be !

  9. With those proposals I could not look people in the eyes ether. No wonder they ran away from the town hall meeting.

    1. Derrick- Yeah. It all made a lot more sense by the end of the day why they canceled. AFSCME will still be at the Town Hall on May 22nd from 12-1 so come on down, have a snack, ask questions, make comments, stay informed! See you there!

  10. This is growing more ludicrous by the week.

    I was lukewarm about striking when the survey went out, but the disrespect on show is so flagrant. It sickens me that they aren’t budging on any of the economic proposals, are sticking with these draconian health insurance proposals, and can’t even be bothered to show up to the joint town hall next week. If this doesn’t change by the end of bargaining, I’m more willing to strike than I’d indicated in the survey.

    Don’t force our hands, OHSU.

    1. Hey Max! We’re really trying to do everything we can to avoid a strike. We know it would hurt our members and our patients, but if it comes down to it, we’ll do what our members feel we need to do.
      In the meantime, make sure you and your coworkers take the bargaining survey & come to the picket on June 13th at 4pm, stay for BBQ at 6. Bring your friends, family and coworkers. If these demonstrations are successful in getting our point across, then we can avoid a bigger action such as a strike.
      Thanks for staying vigilant.

  11. Landlords don’t raise rent in 1% increments. How are renters supposed to keep pace with the cost of living?

  12. This has definitely been enough. Do they really think we are just going to roll over and let them kick us while we are down?

    1. Mike-Yes. They do. They’re counting on us not paying attention and not following through with our actions. Make sure you’ve completed the bargaining survey & come to the picket and bbq on the hill, June 13th at 4pm. Thanks for staying informed.

  13. Yes we work at OHSU because we care about the mission and more importantly our patient. But that isn’t enough. We can have meaningful work and be compensated for the work we do fairly with benefits that aren’t taken away. We have obstacles that other healthcare institutions don’t have (LACK OF PARKING, LONG COMMUTES). Step up and take care of your own OHSU. Through this whole process with the updates I feel less valued and more like a number to be crunched. Is it all about the bottom line? Justifying the take backs saying our overall benefits are still pretty good and just the fact of working here and that “feels good” will make up for it? I DON’T THINK SO. OHSU WORKS BECAUSE WE DO.

  14. I love the work we do here, the people I work with and the people we care for but I am so disappointed with OHSU’s lack of respect for us. I’ve been fired up for years now over the (quite frankly) obscene salary and bonuses our executives receive while front line workers are asked to take on increased workloads while accepting meager wage increases and cuts to our benefits. It’s shameful & unacceptable! We shouldn’t stand for it. It’s a hardship, but I’ve already started sacrificing money from my family’s weekly budget to my savings in case we aren’t able to work out fair wages and benefits in this bargaining session.

    1. Thank you Karessa – please talk to your coworkers, ask them to take the survey and attend the informational picket on June 13th

  15. I am so glad that we have the union to advocate for us. If we didn’t, upper management could take away all the benefits that they legally could. The union doesn’t just protect us, it protects the whole community because other employers have to compete for workers. The better we are treated, the better non-union hospitals have to treat their employees.

    1. Thank you Mila. AFSCME is here and active because of proactive members like yourself. Thank you for advocating for yourself and your patients and coworkers. And thank you for supporting AFSCME. Hope to see you June 13th at the picket on the hill.

  16. I looked up on line ( according to The Social Security Administration) the 2018 cost of living increased 2.8% and the projected average wage increase for 2019 is 3.0%-3.1%.

    OHSU, you don’t even have the decency to offer us the cost of living. DISGUSTING!

    1. David-Put that on a sign and come to the picket on the hill June 13th at 4pm! Also, take the bargaining survey if you haven’t already. We ask specific questions about your priorities, concerns and willingness to strike.

  17. I had a few people in my unit (who are members) say if the membership votes to go on strike that they will ignore it and work anyway. What happens when this happens?

    1. Hi David. I’m sorry to hear that.

      I would first encourage these members to read our strike FAQ if they haven’t done so already. Please also let them know that if they intend cross a picket line, they should (a) take our survey and let us know they are unwilling to strike and (b), vote “no” if Local 328 does end up calling a strike vote.

      As far as what happens if they do cross the picket line in the event of a strike, they won’t be penalized by the union or anything like that–we don’t fine strike-breakers, and we will not threaten or try to intimidate people into participating in a strike. However, folks should be clear that a strong majority of their peers and coworkers will be financially sacrificing to improve their wages and working conditions. By crossing a picket line, they would be weakening the strike, hurting their coworkers who are out on the picket line, and threatening everyone’s chances to get a fair contract. The whole point of a union is to act together in the interest of improving working conditions for everyone.

    1. The local leadership is discussing local media coverage. We will certainly have AFSCME Council 75’s communications director on site and we are looking into having a few folks FB live the event as well. We will absolutely want folks to be interviewed about what the current OHSU proposals would do to their families and how the AFSCME proposals will help.

  18. Why doesn’t OHSU cut all the levels of management? That will save you a shiny penny and you can pay the people who are actually doing the work.

    The more I read over these rejected proposals I am exponentially more angry. We are asking for basic needs, we are not asking for too much. These are things other hospitals are already getting. You cannot be the best while treating your employees the best. I attended a bargaining session and there was this big presentation about being proud to work at OHSU and that trickling down to our children. Fat chance that any of us are talking about OHSU with rosy cheeks and fond thoughts at home or in public. Your reputation that we know you care so much about is about to tank. Get your head in the game, we are not idiots. We are your employees that run your hospital. We deserve what we are asking for and more. If I was to describe OHSU in one word it would be COWARDS.

  19. “Advanced Certification Differential: OHSU rejected our proposal.” “(b) feels that members of our bargaining unit are compensated well above market ”
    In my position at other healthcare institutions employees are recognized for advanced education and certifications with at $1 raise per certification. Get on board OHSU. Encourage and reward excellence in your employees.

    1. We agree and are wondering what “market” they are talking about – perhaps it is Safeway because it is not Portland/Vancouver.

  20. These are from 2017, but look at those salaries and bonuses. OHSU ARE YOU KIDDING US? We are asking for very reasonable things. This contract is to benefit YOUR employees. If you treated us half as good as these useless executives, then we would all be happy. You try running this hospital alone, we will be laughing from the picket line. #OHSUStrike2019

    OHSU executive compensation

    Joe Robertson, President

    Current salary: $1,110,240.04

    Previous salary: $1,027,752.96

    total 2016 bonus: $294,153.84

    Lawrence Furnstahl, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

    Current salary: $723,252.14

    Previous salary: $688,811.50

    total 2016 bonus: $166,967.91

    Connie Seeley, Chief Adminstrative Officer, Senior Vice President for Public Affairs and Chief of Staff

    Current salary: $350,000.04

    Previous salary: $283,250.24

    total 2016 bonus: $67,526.86

    Elena Andresen, Interim Senior Vice President and Provost

    Current salary: $325,000.00

    Previous salary: $250,000.14

    total 2016 bonus: $46,499.80

    John Hunter, Interim Senior Vice President, Dean of School of Medicine; President, Faculty Practice Plan

    Current salary: $713,799.88

    Previous salary: $540, 995.04

    total 2016 bonus: $20,000

    Cynthia Grueber, Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, OHSU Healthcare

    Current salary: $630,002.10

    Previous salary: $590,121.74

    total 2016 bonus: $138,603.1

    1. I’d like to know what their 2018 salary & bonuses are? Usually the Portland tribune runs an article each year about OHSU executive salary and bonuses to inform the public of this shameful waste of money. We all know those bonuses are direct results of their ” cost cutting measures” in patient care and employee benefits.
      I’m tired of all this greed. There should be no place for greed in a healthcare setting!

      1. Hi, Karessa. Did you receive the bargaining-update email we sent out ~9:00 PM last night? We included an attachment of the Lund Report’s article re: the 2018 bonuses for OHSU’s executives.

        The article states that OHSU’s executives made ~$30 million in base pay in 2018, more than 20% of which went to only eight people–these eight made $6.7 million in 2018 (an average of $837,500/person). OHSU’s executives also earned an additional ~$1.4 million in bonuses in 2018. The top five earners (including salary, benefits, and bonuses, but not clinical pay) were:
        1: Danny Jacobs, president, ~$1.6 million
        2: John Hunter, VP & CEO, ~$1.3 million
        3: Lawrence Furnstahl, VP & CFO, >$1 million
        4: Sharon Anderson, SOM dean, >$980,000
        5: David Wilson, professor & CEI director, ~$800,000

    2. And of those folks that are still here…..

      Lawrence Furnstahl, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
      Current salary: $723,252.14
      Previous salary: $688,811.50
      total 2016 bonus: $166,967.91
      2018 just over $1 million.

      Connie Seeley, Chief Administrative Officer, Senior Vice President for Public Affairs and Chief of Staff
      Current salary: $350,000.04
      Previous salary: $283,250.24
      total 2016 bonus: $67,526.86
      2018 just over $620,000.

      John Hunter, Interim Senior Vice President, Dean of School of Medicine; President, Faculty Practice Plan
      Current salary: $713,799.88
      Previous salary: $540, 995.04
      total 2016 bonus: $20,000
      2018 about $1.3 million.

    3. Oh the Lund report on bonuses and compensation of OHSU’s mahogany row will make you want to vomit. How arrogant they are. I was willing to give the new president the benefit of the doubt but at this point, my respect for him and his minions has tanked. This is turning out to be an organization I don’t want to work at any more.

  21. Stay strong Bargaining Team. It must of been very frustrating for all of you yesterday with OHSU not willing to work on better negotiations. Thank you all for fighting for what is right and fair for all of us, your co-workers.

  22. “We expect to end FY19 with operating income of about $135 million, $20 million above budget, taking into account startup costs for CHH-2 and support of Adventist Health Portland operations, plus accelerated spending on faculty recruitment.“

    OHSU is expecting to come out $20 million above budget in 2019 and they are rejecting our requests. Hilarious.

  23. OHSU is trying to please its board and is NOT following its own mission of caring for the community. WE ARE YOUR COMMUNITY, OHSU! We are the PILLARS. The bedrock! AND we are patients here, too! What happened to RESPECT FOR ALL???

    1. I hope we see you on June 13th for the informational picket! Let’s show them how solid we are together.

  24. I’ve been at OHSU for nearly 14 years and I believe this is the first contract negotiation I am completely and utterly furious with. Maybe I’m just more and more jaded with time. Or maybe it’s just extra hideous the way OHSU is behaving this time around.
    But it is just so infuriating to read about the executive bonuses that per the Lund Report are “contingent on meeting performance measures” and will be received “if the university and medical center meets its financial goals”. This basically means that all of the cuts we have endured, with staff being let go, departments being forced to work with no yearly budget increases to accommodate payroll going up due to step increases or COLA increases, and the monitoring individual employee use of the copy machine now with the requirement to log in, and other various cuts related to supply orders….all of this we have endured to allow these executives receive their bonuses. We, you and I, have rewarded them by making the sacrifice. What have they sacrificed? My guess is they have sacrificed nothing. It’s nauseating and I do not wish to do this again. I want my tiny COLA, and by tiny I don’t mean 1 or 1/5%. That is a slap in the face. And trying to steal my EARNED vacation time should I terminate after they enact their new garbage PTO system on us.
    I am incredibly disheartened and embarrassed to be an OHSU employee right now. I’m really glad I don’t work in patient care because I do not have a poker face and I know it would be very difficult to project that I am happy in my job to those who really do not need to be mixed up in all of this.
    If this PTO ridiculousness is not dropped from this contract, if we don’t see a more reasonable COLA, if the take-backs and surcharges of our benefits end up in this contract, I will be voting no. I am ready and happy to strike if need be.

    1. Thank you for your support, Kimberly! OHSU’s proposals are definitely disheartening.

      Please be sure to take our survey if you haven’t already, attend our May 22 town hall, and attend our June 13 informational picket if you’re able. The picket especially will be a great way for our members to let OHSU know that we’re willing to fight for a fair contract. (Plus it’ll be fun!)

    2. Totally agree with you, Kimberly. I’ve been here for almost 20 years, and the management takebacks in this session (especially in the midst of record profits) are the most insulting I have ever seen. #OHSUStrike2019

  25. 1% raise per year for 3 years when the cost of living is over 3% is insulting and shows how little OHSU cares for its employees

  26. I am upset by OHSU’s take-backs and its rejection of our economic proposals.

    I am ready show up at the town hall.

    I am ready to show up at the informational picket.

    I am financially ready to stand alongside my peers on the picket line.

    I am ready to strike.

    I am ready to prove OHSU wrong.

    OHSU “enough is enough”.

  27. From the OHSU Compensation FAQ:
    “OHSU is competing in the labor market for great employees. OHSU needs to offer a total compensation package — pay, benefits, work environment — that makes people want to work and remain at OHSU”
    With all of these cutbacks, they need to update their philosophy to be more accurate.
    I’m ready to strike now. Today.

  28. I just read OHSU’s bargaining update email. I’m pretty steamed about their justifications for all the take backs. It’s not even, “we need these concessions to be competitive,” like every bargaining cycle since the Tort Cap Crisis, over a decade ago. Now it’s, “other employers cheat their employees, why can’t we?” The example that, “employees who have worked at OHSU since 2013 have received 39% wage increases on average during that time,” is a laughable assertion since they are including years when we received better progression raises by far than is currently the case. All we’ve been offered for a decade is takeaways. I’m ready to strike.

    1. Thanks Mark – it was difficult trying to keep a straight face as they walked us through the heap of garbage that was their package of financial proposals.

  29. I’m very happy to see the outpouring of support for the union in this comment thread! I’ve never experienced bargaining, and as such, I’ve been a lazy union member, assuming that whatever happens between AFSCME and OHSU is just some complicated, closed-door type stuff that doesn’t really interest or concern me. Then I went to the bargaining town hall last month, and my eyes were opened.

    DRAG your skeptical coworkers to these meetings. It’s SO inspiring to see our representatives fighting for us, and SO enraging to see how OHSU casually and professionally normalizes their quest to hoard as much money as they possibly can at our expense.

    I’m paraphrasing something a bargaining team member said last month, but the gist was this: “if we don’t fight against these proposals, in 10 years we’ll be PAYING OHSU to work here.”

    They’re banking on apathy and complacency. Hope to see you all at the town hall and the picket.

  30. It would be nice if long standing employees got rewarded, and I don’t mean a pin. The pay structure of raises and who gets what is insulting. If lower wage paying jobs are not getting paid enough for the cost of living then make them more and in turn the other jobs too.
    I am opposed to PTO, and why after all these years will there be a surcharge for spouses on our insurance,? Another benefit gone. Every year something taken away, how is that treating us well? Yes Strike

    1. We agree Terri – hopefully we will see you on June 13th. It will be a fun and very energizing event.

  31. We deserve to be treated with respect and dignity as doctors, nurses, ect. This will not stand! We will stand together, we will fight and we will WIN!!!

  32. My back hurts from carrying the weight of my “meaningful” work so that my ex boss (Connie Amos) and her boss (that’s you Joe Ness) and his boss (that’s you Dr. Hunter) and his boss ( that’s you Mr. Jacobs) can make more and more and more money. Your bonuses are more than I make in years! My soul is starved from turning away from patient care needs for “cost containment “. My kids can’t get in to see providers in your plan in a timely manner and are suffering. And YOU OHSU want me to pay more for your crappy healthcare coverage and earn less than what it will cost to keep afloat and help you pay to OBEY the law!
    My family will be at the picket. Holly- come look my kids in the eye and tell them you can’t afford to give me a raise or keep them insured. They are YOUR patients but the sure as s&$@ don’t feel like their your “number one”.

    1. Done – I hope they hear you and if they don’t let’s yell louder! We are proud to have you and your passion with us.

  33. Hey OHSU! I believe in the mission. And I work really hard. And I’m excellent at what I do. I also believe I should get fair compensation for the excellent, hard work I do supporting the mission. But executives and directors and managers get bonuses off my hard work. What do I get? Told to contain costs, to use old crappy equipment, to bill more for services and INSULTING proposals for the contract . Not bonuses. Definitely not those.

    1. Jackie – it is insulting. I hope you can come to the town hall on the 22nd and the picket on the 13th

  34. Connie Amos just boasted to her department last week that she has been promoted to a newly created position as senior director, in spite of the multiple grievances her department has filed against her practice of squeezing every penny out of her department, sacrificing patient care and employee wellbeing. Seems like OHSU management has ample of money to support and spoil their own, at the expense of all of us who are at the front line keeping the hospital running.

    Yes, we value our work and get great satisfaction from helping our patients but that is not compensation! We need OHSU to step up and recognize our worth, and also treat us like their own!

    1. It is beyond frustrating that the reward for expecting your employees to violate the law is rewarded by a promotion. Stay strong and come to the town hall on the 22nd and the picket on the 13th

  35. I’ve never felt more undervalued then I do after reading their email. What a joke. See you ALL at the picket line! #OHSUStrike2019

  36. This is about so much more than money. If OHSU succeeds in dividing our union, then all of us, even those who make less than $19.23 /hour, will lose non- financial protections because of weaker and weaker contracts. Everyone will end up with managers that bully, managers that play favorites with vacation and overtime, managers that target those they don’t like , managers that lie to make a buck, managers that place employees and patients at risk and yes, racist managers. YES OHSU, this describes YOU!
    So- all of us need to go out and talk face to face with those of us that OHSU wants to use to divide us. We need to reach out to those on our work units and outside of it to explain why even if the financial packages won’t impact you today, the damage to our union will hurt you tomorrow. OHSU is leveraging apathy, illiteracy, fear, and limited access to technology and stewards because it doesn’t respect ANY of us. Don’t let them, get talking.

    1. You are spot on, Jackie. It’s disappointing that OHSU used our team’s expressed concern for our lower-paid members as a jumping off point to insert union-busting language into our contract under the cloak of “easing the burden” for some of us. We can get a good contract for ALL of us, with fair and equitable raises for ALL of us if our members stick together.

  37. Furious- so sad your ex- director got in her words “promoted”. Maybe her boss, Joe Ness, would like to explain her choice of words since he’s backed her penny-pinching, contract breaking, bullying, patient care sacrificing tactics for years! What I heard was your unit and our union are working hardto get better patient care and better treatment for employees and that she had to leave to get that done. Hopefully your new director and Gina Harley will support your efforts. I know our union will!

  38. I am annoyed that OHSU took part of my retirement pay, applied it to my base pay (base pay goes up, smoke and mirrors essentially), and then when I asked for a raise they looked at my base pay and told me that I am already one of the highest paid workers in my job class.

  39. Our bargaining team has put so much time into the proposals and are looking for a fair contract. It is obvious OHSU has not put in the time and effort to match and with their most recent responses it feels like they don’t care at all. It’s time for us all to stand united and show OHSU how strong we are together!

  40. The minor changes and “concessions” outlined in the OHSU email are ludicrous. A non-starter. I am relatively new to OHSU and accepted the position with an understanding of my benefits and now they want to dishonor this agreement. Are we allowed to dishonor the expectations of the role into which we were hired? I don’t think so. Thanks AFSCME for pushing back and holding them accountable. We are behind you.

  41. Executives get bonuses because it’s in their contracts, we can’t change that. What we can do – is thank AFSCME that we have a contract of our own, and fight for what’s fair and reasonable for the majority of us. We would not have what we have now, if we didn’t have a union. Fine for us to make sacrifices when the economy is bad, because we do believe in the mission, but I don’t think we should have to go backwards when OHSU is doing well. If there is a burden to pay for compensation, equity, and benefits that we should already have – it should not come out of our pockets. It should come from the apparently huge pot of money they always seem to have when they want something new, like a building.

    Students come here to learn, and teachers to teach. Patients come here to heal, and providers to do the healing. Researchers come here to use our resources to improve upon the future of medicine and life in general. What we AFSCME employees do, is make all of that possible. We support all of those people every day. We provide care, services, and assistance; we maintain the systems and facilities; and we help keep OHSU in compliance and literally pay the bills. Not sure who your AFSCME co-workers are? Check out the list of AFSCME positions in OHSU’s FY19 Compensation Plan on O2.

    We should not have to fight to be valued and respected, but sadly we do. I encourage all AFSCME employees to be informed and share bargaining updates and FAQ with others (especially those without regular access to computers). Please fill out the bargaining survey, so the AFSCME bargaining team can represent us accordingly to management. Show your solidarity by wearing green or an AFSCME button (get some and pass them out). If you are able, go to the town hall on 5/22 and informational picket on 6/13 and take others with you. Our managers are in the process of strike contingency planning, and are being asked regarding their AFSCME employees, “Can you do without any of these people?” The answer to that question is a resounding NO. A strike is scary, but OHSU only works because we do.

    1. I got to thinking today, the money they are saving on Bank fees with our green barcodes alone should fund some of our requests. Not to mention the ever rising parking. It is completely hilarious that they want to grant a 1.5% raise but hold .5%. Call it what it is, a 1% raise. I’ve worked here over 10 years. With OHSU flaunting it’s money to everyone, then pretending to be in dire need as it pertains to our contracts, I am beyond disappointed. Why wouldn’t we just go to another hospital, there is no longer a benefit to working at OHSU. I can get a crappy PTO bank anywhere, I can commute over an hour on a bus that I pay for to any hospital, I can get a better health plan, I can definitely procure myself a 1% raise elsewhere. OHSU our eyes are open, your secret is out. You are profiting from our hard work. It’s not hard to sit at a desk and respond to emails. With so many levels of management, it’s also not hard to say “oh I’m going to have to clear that with the higher ups”. Seriously, WE DON’T NEED YOU.

      You need us, that’s what you have forgotten.

      To the union stewards, thank you for all the hard work you are putting forth. We couldn’t do this without you.

      1. Our Unit Stewards ROCK! And we’re always looking for more, so let us know if you’re interested and thanks for your support, Marie!

  42. The bargaining team has my full support, and I’ll attend the town hall, picket, and will vote to strike if needed. I can barely afford housing in the Portland area, so take backs and pitiful pay increases are a no-go.

  43. OHSU as as misread the social changes that are now spreading across the country and like draconian ways they embrace they are trying to buy loyalty from those that make less than $19.23 but only for a a short time till they are done using you make no mistake about it. All the while trying poorly to engaging in class warfare to break our union. If they would only treat us with respect they would have the loyalty and respect that they desire.

    1. Yeah, and how long after the contract was signed would they find that there is a pay inequity for anyone making just under $19.23/hour and they get a “raise” to $19.25/hour. (Which actually results in a pay cut because of the health care cost claw-backs…)

  44. OHSU wants to preach to us about the mission. Well, I am an Oregonian and a patient. My spouse is an Oregonian and a patient. My children are Oregonians and patients. OHSU-your contract proposals are HARMFUL to our health and well-being. OHSU- your contract proposals are HARMFUL to the health and well-being of the 6000+ Oregonians and patients represented by AFSCME and their families. OHSU- your proposals are not aligned with your mission!

  45. MYTH: OHSU honors diversity.
    FACT: OHSU’s bargaining tactics prey on the diversity of its employees.
    FACT: OHSU’s bargaining tactics use diversity as a weapon against Oregonians.
    TRUTH: OSHU’s proposals dishonor diversity.

  46. Please everyone! Reach out to those without access to computers, to those isolated in their work areas, to those without union stewards in their work units and talk to them about what is happening. Get them to the survey. Get them to the picket. Use your break and lunch to walk to a different area, sit in the break room and talk, hand out stickers, hand out flyers and leave with a “see you on the 13th!”

  47. I’ve worked at OHSU for 20 years and every time our contract comes up it’s the same disappointing process Upper management isn’t concerned about the people who make the hospital run they are just concerned with their bottom line
    Without us there are no bonuses for them
    We really care about our work and the patients we take care of but feel like our contributions don’t matter

  48. OHSU’s current advertisement:”We’re breaking ground in so many ways. We’re bringing research, healing and family well-being to one place, with each part lifting the others to new heights.”
    Really should read: ” We’re breaking faith in so many ways. We’re disregarding research about wages and cost of living, retarding healing by limiting access to health care and hurting families by underpaying parents and cutting sick and vacation time, with employees lifting the bonuses of the executive elite to new heights”

  49. Everyday I go to work, I go for the patients. It’s becoming more and more obvious that OHSU is a business – not a place where patients or employees are put first. We are being over worked and underpaid for the work we are expected to do so that management and execs can continue to get their bonuses. We must fight and STRIKE to get what we need to live.

  50. OHSU has the money to pay for our requests AND pay executive bonuses! OHSU has the money! It can do both! Why won’t it?

  51. Below is the email I’ve sent to my work unit:
    Are you willing to have your pay cut?

    That’s what OHSU is proposing. That’s why they are taking a cowardly approach to the Town hall meeting next week – they can’t look us in the eye anymore.
    OHSU wants us to accept a 1% pay increase for the next THREE YEARS!
    They want us to pay $1200 to insure our spouses
    They want to increase the premiums we pay
    They want to put our sick time in “jail” with a lousy PTO program
    I will not stand by and let them take things away from us.
    Please join me, brothers and sisters, in forcing them to listen to us. Take (or finish) our union survey –
    Bring your family, friends, church group, book club, etc. to our informational picketing on 6/13/19, from 4-7, up on the hill. BBQ dinner and signs will be provided to all who attend. If enough of us show up for this session, we may not need to strike. But, also, start preparing to strike, cause we’re headed in that direction.
    Post your comments on Facebook or on the blog

    Stronger together,


  52. I did some research into the nurse’s strike of 2001. Found that OHSU tried to entice nurses to return to work by offering them $7.50 more an hour under the guise that it was “critical need incentive pay.” CNI is paid only for specifically designated hours worked after a nurse has completed a regular shift. “OHSU broke the law and resorted to bribery in an effort to weaken the strike,” said Alan Yoder, legal counsel with ONA. I know that was a long time ago, but it doesn’t seem like OHSU is acting any better this time around. I am very suspicious of their actions and communications.

  53. If you haven’t already you should complete the OHSU Press Ganey employee satisfaction survey and make sure to let your feelings be known.

  54. A quote from an unclassified friend about PTO:

    “I hate it. I feel like it isn’t what they sold to us before it started. We really got screwed.”

    1. Yep, and some people are just too much “whatever, it will be fine.” Either make it a real PTO system or leave it as is.

  55. I posted the following response to Danny Jacobs on OHSU Now. It was deleted within 10 minutes and my supervisor was emailed about it. Guess I hit a nerve…..

    What negotiations?!? I see very little in the way of actual negotiating and an overwhelming abundance of takebacks and rejected proposals. You’re absolutely right, Dr. Jacobs; you DO owe it to us to constantly improve. How are OHSU’s proposals improving things for it’s employees? We may never know, since Hollie backed out of the Town Hall scheduled for this week. I brought in over $250,000 in pre service collections last month. Will that cover your bonus this year? You want to really know what we think? Join my brothers and sisters and I on June 13th. #OHSUStrike2019

    1. OHSU Now seems to be heavy on silencing dissent and intimidating those who challenge the narrative. I guess that’s what they call “strategic communications”.

  56. Hospital Week!!!!!!
    Tote bags today! woo hoo, I can advertise ohsu every time I go grocery shopping!
    I can donate mine to our volunteer picket sign makers if they can get creative. Can’t pay my bills with an ohsu-logo tote.
    I can drop mine off at the Wednesday meeting.

  57. Can I switch my answer on the bargaining survey from “Somewhat willing” to “VERY willing” to strike question?! OHSU is making the decision very easy with their proposals and take backs. I am ready for the picket, and to strike.

  58. They have some nerves asking us to take the employee survey “tell us how were doing” “Help us Shape ohsu”. Then they go and censor an ohsu employee for calling them out. My question is do you really want us to take that survey you are not going to like the outcome, when or if we strike all the patients are going to see this side of OHSU, not a good thing. The nerve on the take backs we go in and ask for a 5% raise they give us 1% for 3 years and don’t even bother to show up to town hall meeting. We will see how an hospital can function without employees running it, they better hire more doctors to check people in, take there insurance information, or hire nurses to clean up the room of the hospital, or have there executive play operator, you get my point. STRIKE IT IS

  59. Can you explain the 403b proposal and the diffence than what is currently, I have members saying they get a match already (now)…what does ONA get????

    1. For our members, OHSU contributes 6% to the UPP. In addition, employees can voluntarily contribute to a separate 403(b) account. Under our proposal, OHSU would match whatever that voluntary 403(b) contribution is—for example, if you contribute 3% to a 403(b) account, OHSU would contribute an additional 3% to that account. The 403(b) match, as we proposed, could be used by folks in both UPP and PERS.

  60. I was told by a provider ( who was in the meeting and a supporter) that administration and providers had a meeting where they discussed possible Strike. The Administration assured the providers that there would be No Strike because our membership are too poor to strike and could not afford it… and because our members are too poor they would not vote to strike or would break the strike and work. They are counting on Our Union Membership to be too financially incapable to strike….They are the ones that pay us, they are why we are poor in their eye but well off at the negoiating table.

    Can I start a GO FUND ME STRIKE FUND for when we strike and if we don’t I can donate it to a union hardship fund if there is one?

    1. That’s an interesting suggestion. Are there any gotchas or things to know about using GoFundMe in this situation? I have serious concerns about the union not being able to pull in significant financial resources from national in order to support the members. Nevertheless, for those who don’t have much savings, GFM is a resource we didn’t used to have.

    2. I appreciate you. The thought from OHSU is that we don’t speak to each other, that we are divided because we work different jobs, that we are not worth it. YOU are worth it and WE are too. Thanks for speaking up.

  61. Our union rep said today that in negotiations OHSU higher ups have been heard banking on the fact that AFSCME employees were too POOR and can’t afford to strike. I think it’s OHSU that cannot afford a strike. All of ambulatory and much of the hospital would not be operational if AFSCME employees strike. Do you know how much revenue that would cost them? How much bad press? How many angry patients?

    They are trying to call our bluff. You think we are afraid of losing wages for striking? What about all that we stand to lose if we don’t?

  62. Never have I been part of a company that wants to cut so much when they are doing so well. This is OHSU trickledown economics at its finest. I’ve already seen the segregation between ona and afscme and they just push afscme around. It’s time Ohsu share the wealth of benefit that employees and their families deserve please everyone show up June 13 with friends and family and press so they can see the numbers that will stand together this contract. I would love to see over 1000 ppl im bring 7 myself. ✊and for the Ohsu business partner that reads this you know deep down inside we are right.

  63. OHSU’s wages are not competitive. In my field, OHSU is paying new graduates about $10/hour less than other hospitals in the Portland area.

  64. I vote for a gofund me page. This needs to go viral. This needs national recognition. The way corporate treats it’s employees needs to be shown, specifically here at OHSU. Corporate hides behind ads and billboards and uses our hard labor to get rich while offering nothing in return. Then proposes to jack up healthcare. This stops now.

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