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At our May 22 town hall, Local 328 president Matt Hilton shared a slide about the PECBA process/timeline for bargaining. We wanted to make sure our members have easy access to that information, so we’re sharing it here as well.

We are currently in the mediation stage of negotiations–our first day with the mediator was May 21 and we are scheduled for additional mediation sessions on June 18 & 28 and July 1 & 2.

16 thoughts on “Bargaining Timeline”

  1. Shouldn’t this branch off into “too poor to strike” and “too rich for a fair contract”–at least according to OHSU?

  2. I’ll see you all at OHSU’s events to explain themselves! Wednesday, June 5, from 7:30 – 8:30 a.m. in Richard Jones Hall rm. 4320, and the second on Wednesday, June 19, from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. I’ll be wearing green. Too bad OHSH couldn’t schedule a time over the lunch hour so all employees could have a chance to attend.

    1. Probably not a coincidence that they are scheduled at such inconvenient times.

      I know OHSU reads these comments, so I’ll direct this one to Hollie – we aren’t dumb. We know EXACTLY what you’re doing. You’re hiding from your responsibility to explain your indefensible position to employees.

      We see you. Shame on you.

  3. I work nights and will get as many night shift employees there as possible. The 730 time might generate a tired and irritated group of staff. I can assure you we will have more than 1% to give during this q and a

    1. Thank you for supporting the team and our members. Even a few minutes makes a big difference. As long as they are irritated with OHSU we are good. LOL.

  4. We need a GoFundMe to help with lost wages now! Not only will it help those willing to go on strike, it will garner union members national support. OHSU corporate needs a strong message from the 99%. These take-backs are not happening. We want fair compensation. OHSU needs to start treating its employees fairly. The time to push back and say enough has come!

  5. Yes! A go fund me for all the families. Plus I’m an ex nanny. Helping people by watching each others kids to help save childcare, even one day a week would save money that could be used to help out

  6. So I understand correctly when is the last day of Mediation? and Whe is our current contract over and when is the projected date of a possible contract agreement ( it looks like from the Chart that might not happen until end of July or August)?

    1. I notice starting in July the dates are becomeing consecutive dates(JULY 1st and 2nd) for mediation… if they need to use the complete 15 mediation dates , will they use them all in July? If so, that means with the 7 days of impasse and 30 days of cooling off period ….we would not Strike until September or later (if it comes to that)… Is my calculations and estimates correct?

      If so we have plenty of time to Prepare for a Strike as individuals and as a Strong United Union.

      1. Hi David. All of the dates on the chart are *minimums* and are flexible based on the teams making movement toward an agreement. At the very least, we would not declare impasse before the contract has expired (June 30). The reality is that most bargaining teams will continue to negotiate after a contract has expired. Re: mediation, we need to be in mediation for 15 days—we don’t need to have 15 days of mediation. We have mediation on June 18, June 28, July 1, and July 2. We will work incredibly hard on those mediation dates in the hopes of coming to an agreement but it really all comes down to what OHSU sees our membership is willing to do for a fair contract.

  7. After the final offer is presented, does membership vote on whether to accept it? Is that all members or only dues-paying members? What kind of majority does this vote require to pass?

    If OHSU’s final offer is rejected by membership, do we then vote on a strike? What kind of majority does that require?

    If OHSU’s offer is rejected and a strike also fails to pass, does what is the result?

    1. There are several ways things could go once we get to the final-offer stage. If we’re near the end of bargaining and our team feels that the agreement we’ve worked on is a fair contract, we would hold a vote and recommend ratification. If there’s been little movement by OHSU and we don’t think their offer is good for our members, we would hold a vote and recommend a strike.

      Only dues-paying members get to vote on any union matters, including voting to ratify a new contract or voting to strike. Represented employees who don’t pay dues are non-members. If anyone reading is a non-member but would like to have a say in what kind of contract we end up with, whether we go on strike, etc., you can sign up here.

      Per Local 328 policy, 60% of dues-paying members must vote for a strike before our union would go on strike. We require a high threshold because a strike needs strong buy-in from members to be effective and sustainable. One of the best ways folks can help our union during bargaining is to get the word out and make sure your coworkers—those in your work units and those you encounter around campus—know about bargaining and are staying informed about our progress.

      If the bargaining team recommends a strike and not enough members vote yes, there are a couple of options. We could decide to accept OHSU’s final offer no matter how unpalatable we might find it, we could try to continue bargaining in the hopes that we might get some additional movement, etc.

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