Bargaining-Session Update: June 11

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Today, the teams continued working on Article 28: Labor Management Committee (see last week’s update). In addition, the teams reached tentative agreements on the following sections of the contract:

    • Memorandum of Understanding #1: Drug and Alcohol Testing — We modified this MOU to add breathalyzer sampling as an option for testing for alcohol. We also added language to allow testing when an employee in a non-testable position performs work out of class in a testable position; repeat testing will not be needed if the employee transfers to that position at a later date.
    • New MOU: OHSU/AFSCME Task Force on Workforce Mental Health Support and Peer-to-Peer Group Counseling/Support — This task force will develop a position description for and oversee the hiring of an OHSU-employed internal counselor to support on-site group counseling/support in the wake of tragic/difficult events (death of a coworker, death of a long-time patient, etc.) that affect a work unit, as well as create a training program for interested members to recognize PTSD symptoms and to provide critical-incident group debriefings to employees in affected work units. 

The teams will be in mediation next week, then will meet on our own one more time prior to going back into mediation for three consecutive business days starting on Friday, June 28. Finally, our bargaining survey will close on Friday, June 14. If you haven’t yet done so, please take the survey now. 

7 thoughts on “Bargaining-Session Update: June 11”

  1. I love this idea of a Peer-to-Peer on-site counseling resource, awesome! When our work is to care for very hurt, ill, or other traumatized patients, it seems paramount to me OHSU offers resources for its employees to nourish and protect their mental health too. Thank you for all of your great work.

  2. I have to say, my #1 hard NO is to PTO.
    A friend of mine (UA employee ) who was so busy she was dropping vacation hours off her accumulation, decided to cash out 80 of those hours and filed the paperwork. She was then told a few weeks later that OHSU wasn’t renewing her contract (after 23 years of excellent service and 3 years from retirement). She left and didn’t get the 80 hours of vacation cash out ‘because that check is cut in August and if you are not an employee at that time you forfeit your cash out”. And, of course, she only got 50% of her remaining vacation time in her final check.
    I remember several companies going to PTO a decade or so ago. What that meant at the time was all your vacation and sick hours were put into one bank and it was up to your discretion how you used that time. Not this weird, finagled, crappy system OHSU is trying to force down our throats.
    NO to PTO!!!!

  3. I’m trying to visualize a scenario wherein this working out of class drug test would come into play and I cannot seem to find one. It seems rather specific.

    1. Hi Frank. It likely will have limited application. One scenario would be in Food & Nutrition, where a cashier, for example, might want to move into a barista position, which is drug-testable.

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