Bargaining-Rally Details & Etiquette

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Our bargaining rally and BBQ is this week! Join your coworkers for all or part of this family-friendly event on Thursday, June 13, starting at 4:00 p.m. on the Mac Hall lawn. Make your voice heard! This fun event will be one of the best tools we have, short of a strike, to show OHSU the strength of our opposition to the take-backs it has proposed. A large turnout will send a clear message to OHSU that our members stand together, ensuring our union’s ability to bargain a fair contract that preserves our benefits and reflects the economic reality of living in this region. Please RSVP here. We can’t wait to see you all at the rally!

Rally Details

We have will have union swag, games for the kids and information tables to visit prior to the speakers starting at 5:00 p.m. We will have a sign-language interpreter on site. Food will be served after the speakers wrap up, but if you arrive hungry, we’ll have water stations and snacks available. BBQ (brisket, chicken, hot dogs, veggie burgers, mac and cheese and salads) will be served for at least the first 500 employees, and we’ll also have pizza available for additional attendees. We’re expecting support from numerous other unions and from our non-AFSCME coworkers. We will have lots of chairs available, but due to the potentially high turnout, we recommend bringing a blanket for the lawn. We have also reserved the Old Library conference rooms and great hall as overflow. We strongly encourage attendees to take public transportation to the rally.

Rally Etiquette

We want to be crystal clear — this event is a rally, not a picket. Please do not bring any signs to the event. Any activity that resembles an informational picket could have legal implications that would hamper our union’s ability to escalate our actions if needed in the weeks ahead. If you have any concerns about a potential for violence at this event, please read our blog article addressing this. We’re confident that our members will behave appropriately. In addition, on rally day — or at any other time — please don’t do anything that disrupts or otherwise impairs patient care or patient access to OHSU facilities and please do not place stickers on OHSU proper or otherwise damage OHSU property.

13 thoughts on “Bargaining-Rally Details & Etiquette”

  1. I know that Thursday is currently forecast to be cooler than tomorrow but would a pop-up shade tent be ok to bring?

    1. Between the barbecue, the food setup, the info booths, and the tables and chairs, there may not be room. That being said, you’re welcome to bring it and then just check out the space before you decide whether to set it up. :)

  2. Do we have an approximate number of attendees? I had to leave at 5:15 but it looked like more people were still showing up.

  3. We still had people showing up at 6:00. We blew through the bbq, and people were lining up for pizza. This exceeded my expectations. I’m not going to speak for the whole bargaining team but I’ll return next Tuesday to the table with a renewed level of confidence. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you all!

  4. We had 763 people sign in an an official estimate of 900 people in attendance. Awesome job everyone!! Keep up the momentum!!

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