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Some of you may have noticed that you can earn points for “engaging with the content“ on OHSU Now — sharing articles to social media, posting comments that are liked by other employees, etc. (To share an article, just click the little share arrow at the bottom right of the post.) The three employees who earn the most points each month win a prize from OHSU.

Our members may wish to share the current OHSU Now post recognizing Lawrence Furnstahl as a “CFO to know.” We agree that OHSU’s chief financial officer is someone you should know — he is responsible for OHSU’s financial and operational management.

If you choose to share this post, you may want to let folks know that, based on management’s contract proposals, OHSU’s CFO and finance executives seem to:

  • Want workers to risk patient safety and employee health by coming to work sick (PTO proposal).
  • Want you and your family to pay more for your health care in a time of record profits (multiple health-insurance take-backs).
  • Be willing to risk patient safety by keeping the hospital understaffed (rejected Local 328’s proposed staffing task force).

7 thoughts on “Someone You Should Know…”

  1. I opted to comment on the post, it was promptly deleted and my manager cc’d on the email. This whole process has opened my eyes to the intimidation and censoring that OHSU does. It is not ok. If they don’t want people to comment, then turn off the commenting. If they don’t want us to feel hurt and angry, then give us a fair contract. Don’t make us go through months and months of uncertainty, expecting us to act like we are still happy to be here. The fact that they are rubbing in our face all the “good” they are doing in the community, it is making me sick. I am over it.

    1. I’ve also had a comment scrubbed from OHSU Now, so I know how you feel. If they have the time to delete comments and scold us via email, I’m not sure why they can’t email us to give us a chance to edit our comments so they’re in line with the commenting guidelines. I also think that “This comment has been removed by the community manager” makes the powers-that-be look worse than any critical employee comment would. If you face any repercussions/discipline as a result of your deleted OHSU Now comment, please reach out to Local 328.

  2. Honestly, I find OHSU Now to be a big bore. I hate the layout and, in general, everything about the categories and the design. It also seems to inhibit people responding. And I can’t believe people actually think they need to compete for the points. I took a look at those who “liked” the entry about Furnstahl’s recognition about being a great CFO and they are those who mostly inhabit Baird Hall. Big deal. I hardly ever read OHSU Now and I asked my co-workers if they follow it, most do not. But they did read the previous blogs and Staff News. Perhaps they should consider getting rid of the “like” button and why do they tell us how many “views” and entry has received? It just doesn’t seem transparent and it seems as if they have a particular motive in everything about it.

    1. Yes, I found Staff News to be much more conducive to discussion and commentary—OHSU Now seems like more of an echo chamber. The posts on Staff News also seemed more informative and useful, and less self-congratulatory.

      1. Yep, I followed Staff News closely. OHSU Now? How about OHSU Not? I don’t have, and don’t want a compatible smart phone to install your app on. (Really bribing people with socks to have them install your crappy app? Aren’t there better things you could have done with that money?)

        So now I am less informed than ever, but maybe that was their plan in the first place.

    2. Stopping OHSU employees from talking was the entire point of the switch. First it’s online, next thing you know we are organizing and taking action offline and they would not want that.

  3. I’m on strike two of having my comments deleted. One more outburst from me and I’ll be banned from commenting.

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