5 thoughts on “Mark Your Calendars”

  1. Hi
    Is there anyway we can get our struggles into a letter to The View? It’s a national well watched political show that would put pressure on OHSU. I would write in, but you guys have an awesome writing ability and would be amazing on camera. Do local think global. Just an idea. Thank you bargaining Team!

  2. I love the idea of a meme contest – its always good to have some humor during such stressful times!

    Where can we find more info on the meme contest?

    1. Glad you like the idea, KD! We’ll be posting the meme-contest details (along with the blank meme images) on Facebook early tomorrow, and I’ll also add the details here in the comments of this post.

  3. Just listened to Matt and Michael on The Voice Of Oregon Workers podcast and again want to express my appreciation to the Bargaining Team yet again. I’d encourage all members to listen to it. Some of the points Matt made, while many of them have been made over the course of this bargaining session, are really things that AFSCME members could use too hear right now, as we head into the 8th, and a strike vote.

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