Management-Linked Trolls Target Union on Social Media

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Update: Late Monday night (August 5), OHSU made the following reply to our tweet about this matter: ‘We’re deeply disappointed to learn about this inappropriate conduct on social media. We are sorry. We can confirm that this individual has been removed from our bargaining team, effective immediately, and is prohibited from participating in any future negotiations.“ We will share updates as they become available.

In late July, shortly after we declared impasse, a pair of trolls targeted AFSCME Local 328. At that time, we more or less ignored the tweets. Despite our suspicion about who appeared to be linked to the troll accounts, we chose not to discuss the matter publicly, so as not to detract from discussions about bargaining. However, the trolling has resumed late this week, on both our Facebook and Twitter pages. It now seems even clearer that our initial suspicions were right, and we feel we now have no choice but to let our members know. The troll accounts that are targeting our social-media pages are linked to a member of OHSU’s bargaining team.

On Monday, July 22, a Twitter account using the name “Aanus McFadden” started interacting with our account by asking a few questions. After some back and forth, Jesse Miller, who manages our Twitter page, recognized that “McFadden” was exhibiting some classic troll behavior. Jesse muted the account after directing them to better resources and thought that would be the end of it. As he usually does when he suspects a troll, Jesse glanced at their profile. The account’s activity on Twitter was also suspiciously troll-like. Jesse joked about “McFadden” with friends and coworkers, which prompted one of them to ask him to look a little more closely at the account. “McFadden” had only one follower — an account with the even more childish name of “Roy Vragina.” The “Roy” account also appeared suspicious and it also had only one follower: an account called “Frengle,” which used a profile photo of Patrick Frengle, who is a member of OHSU’s bargaining team.

The two accounts that are linked to Mr. Frengle were both created in October 2012 and interacted with each other in 2012. All three accounts — Frengle and the two trolls — follow journalist Nate Silver, house editor for The Cook Political Report Dave Wasserman, and comedian Sarah Silverman. All three have interacted with our union. The accounts’ low post counts, the fact that two of the three were created at the same time, the fact that they talked about the same topics at the same time (but have said little to nothing since) and the fact that that they followed the same three seemingly random people all point to the accounts being connected to the same person: Mr. Frengle.

It’s possible that this is all random, but how many coincidences does it take to conclude that there’s a pattern? There are more 200 million accounts on Twitter. What are the odds that there would be this many connections by random happenstance? If the accounts aren’t run by the same person, they’re almost certainly run by people who know each other outside of Twitter. If Patrick Frengle isn’t “Aanus McFadden” or “Roy Vragina,” they’re friends or associates of his. As we noted above, when we were first trolled by these accounts, we chose not to follow up on it with OHSU or to go public. Our bargaining team, staff and members like Jesse had enough on our plates, and we hoped the trolls would get bored. And they did, until Thursday, August 1, when we launched our meme contest on the Local Facebook page.

On August 1, these same two trolls shared memes on our Facebook page that misrepresented our union’s position on certain economic issues still on the table. Both of their Facebook profiles have strict privacy settings, but one of the few comments visible on the “McFadden” profile is from a woman whose hyphenated last name begins with Frengle. “McFadden” tweeted about our union frequently over the weekend, continuing to misrepresent Local 328’s bargaining positions. On Friday, August 2, they began following the Twitter accounts of members of our bargaining team and other Local 328 members. Over the course of the weekend, all three accounts have changed their user names and Twitter handles and made changes to their followers. The “McFadden” account has also shared a spreadsheet that misrepresents the costs of our union dues. (Did we mention that Mr. Frengle works in OHSU’s budget & financial planning department? He’s the person who prepared the spreadsheet that OHSU’s bargaining team presented when they rejected all of our economic proposals on May 19.) If we had any doubt in July that these trolls are connected to Mr. Frengle, we have no doubt now.

We know that both parties in these negotiations hope to persuade folks of the “rightness” of our positions and offers, and our communications will reflect that. However, many of our members (and non-AFSCME-represented employees!) have told us that they’ve found much of OHSU’s communications and messaging around bargaining to be manipulative and disrespectful. We’ve tried our best to take the high road about this, only responding to OHSU’s communications on two occasions when we felt that the spin had crossed a line into misinformation. We’ve also made two corrections on our blog, when an error or misunderstanding was pointed out to us by OHSU.

We maintain open commenting on our blog so that our members can share their thoughts about bargaining, even if they don’t agree with a position our union has taken, and we’ve held multiple forums where members can freely ask questions. In contrast, OHSU has taken away our members’ voices during negotiations — deleting critical comments on OHSU Now, banning some members outright and contacting employees’ managers. OHSU has used misplaced concerns about “direct dealing” during negotiations to keep comments closed on its bargaining-related posts. Then, when frustrated members ask questions on other posts, their comments are deleted for being off-topic.

Throughout our union’s negotiations with OHSU, our members have expressed frustration about not being listened to by management and feeling disrespected by OHSU. Our bargaining team has felt the same way. We’ve been bargaining in good faith and have been respectful to OHSU at the table, but we haven’t felt that same respect in return — we’ve faced questions that indicated OHSU’s team literally hadn’t listened to information we presented, unfamiliarity with the contract being negotiated and an employer that didn’t respect the bargaining process enough to have the actual decision-makers at the table (or even available) during late-stage mediation.

Our union isn’t silencing people. Members of our bargaining team aren’t hiding behind fake names to troll OHSU on social media or share misinformation about OHSU’s positions. We haven’t played games, like floating outlandish proposals just to say later that we’ve made movement or backtracking from previous positions. We’re here trying to negotiate a fair contract with OHSU for our bargaining unit. We want to work with management to help make OHSU the best place it can be, for employees and patients alike. We want OHSU to see that our members are assets to the organization.

What have we gotten for our efforts? Trolls linked to OHSU’s bargaining team sharing misinformation on our social-media pages and wasting the time of the member volunteers who have to clean up after them or write articles explaining to our members what’s going on. We have screenshots of the posts, tweets and social-media connections mentioned above, and on Monday, August 5, we reached out to Dan Forbes, OHSU’s vice president of Human Resources to share our concerns about Mr. Frengle. (During this very phone call, the Twitter profile of another questionable user who had been interacting with “McFadden” about our union went dark.)

We questioned whether we should go public about this matter (we don’t want to fan the flames when tensions are already high), but ultimately felt we had no choice. What do you think would happen to an AFSCME-represented employee who was behaving this way toward OHSU? This behavior is unacceptable, especially from those who are perceived as leaders at OHSU, and our members need to know what type of people have been at the table with us.

OHSU’s final-offer post on OHSU Now states that OHSU and AFSCME Local 328 have a long-standing and cooperative relationship. We hope OHSU finally shows that it actually does value this relationship, by investigating this matter and dealing with it appropriately and promptly.

117 thoughts on “Management-Linked Trolls Target Union on Social Media”

    1. Agreed! OHSU shouldn’t condone bullying by continuing to employ these individuals!

      This is such disappointing behavior from a community I am usually so proud to be part of.

    2. I’ve been pulled in to an investigatory meeting on two separate occasions for things I have stated on my friends-only Facebook page that weren’t even CLOSE to what this guy did! This is yet another example of how upper management is constantly given a pass for their atrocious and abusive behavior. SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME!!!!!
      P.S. In case you’re wondering, the abusive management trend is still alive and kicking. One in particular who has been reported to ethics on more than 1 occasion and hasn’t even been at OHSU for a year, lost staff because of their behavior and treatment toward said staff, and this person is still working at OHSU. At this point I’d strike just to stand up and say “NO MORE DOUBLE STANDARDS!” >.<

  1. Trolling like this is a code of conduct violation, too bad they’re not obligated to follow the cose of conduct : /

          1. He should be fired. Personally fired. I’d be targeted personally and fired if I did the exact same thing. They pretend the code of conduct applies to all employees bit really it’s just rules for the peasants. AFSCME should demand that he’s fired or go to the press about OHSU’s Trump/Russian style fake news operation that they apparently endorse if they choose to do nothing.

        1. I agree. I wasn’t meaning it in a malicious way or anything.
          Just to say “this is the one who has been “trolling” and spreading misinformation.”
          There are so many of our members who don’t even know about this blog, who don’t get to check their emails, who don’t have social media, etc.

          My only intent was to get the word out to those people

          1. No man, you’re right. Members need to be aware about this person. Chanting is wonderful, but this is 2019. OHSU’s bargaining team is playing by 2019 rules. Why are we gonna pull punches? If OHSU can clean their house by Monday and say sorry, then fine. Otherwise… public shaming works. It works on politicians, Hollywood elite, billionaire jag offs and damn sure would work on this twit.

          2. Such poor behavior on the part of a member of management’s bargaining team calls into question their “bargaining in good faith” claims, regardless of their purported “concessions”. Afscme should be the only ones directly responding to this. Please, let their actions speak loudly and clearly for themselves. But please, share it, so the community can see what we are dealing with.

          3. Sam
            “Otherwise… public shaming works. It works on politicians, Hollywood elite, billionaire jag offs and damn sure would work on this twit.”

            Maybe we shouldn’t put his picture, but I think we should post this blog on the union boards. The members should definitely be aware of what happened.

            We can still be good people about it though. I definitely don’t want to do what politicians have been doing though. I can’t stand their tactics.

        2. Yeah, stooping to Patrick Frengle’s sorry level is unfortunately taking the bait. Please, hold your heads high and fight for what’s right under a higher code of conduct than he has chosen. Otherwise we get pulled into his garbage in a way unbecoming of our cause (a fair contract, obvs).

  2. This behavior is disgusting and inexcusable by anybody who is representing OHSU during bargaining talks. You absolutely should bring this information to AFSCME members and other responsible parties within OHSU management.

  3. I share our members concerns. I did not expect communication from the OHSU bargaining team to come this way. Even when I was on the bargaining team against Vibra Sacramento, there were raised voices and heated exchanges, but I never experienced this kind of backhanded disrespect. Please come join us on the hill this Thursday at 1600 (4:00 pm) for the picket. We need a show of solidarity. We need our members there.

  4. Spreading misinformation on social media in an attempt to sway public opinion during a high stakes vote….this sounds…familiar somehow.

  5. How is it the least bit “professional” to comment on bargaing issues as Vagina or Anus? How many 11 year olds did OHSU assign to the “corporate” negotiating team?

    1. The names he chose remind me of characters from an Austin Powers or a James Bond movie.
      He better move far far away where nobody knows him. Frengle is fried!

    2. Good grief. The comments and trolling are their own problem, but those *names*?! Code of conduct? Integrity? Is there any of that in those names? The likelihood that this person just would create troll accounts like that and not also have made other violations against employees seems unlikely.

    1. Yes. If you share our Facebook post about it (instead of just sharing the link to the article), it’ll help our post reach more people. Thanks!

  6. I am so disappointed with this development. I am frustrated and very upset that OHSU would add someone to the bargaining team that clearly has no respect for our members or the agreed to process to come to a contract. I would like to know how this person is going to be held accountable for clearly acting in bad faith towards our members throughout the bargaining process.

  7. Wow!! I can’t believe this, we most definitely need to make the public aware, since they are show us no respect and they cross the line several times already, but this one takes the whole peach cobbler.!! If this was one of us and if we had done this to ohsu, best believe they will make sure were fired or written up.

  8. Wow… This is pretty disgusting. I have suspected for a while that OHSU has not been bargaining in good faith, especially after they started deleting comments on OHSU now

  9. I am beyond words. OHSU needs to be made aware and I would hope and expect there is discipline involved.

  10. Oh no ! Yet another plant got caught !
    I would say that the acts are childish and the names can be regarded as sexist.
    Is this not a code of conduct violation and what is OHSU going to do about it, since am sure it was a open secret and was encourage.

    1. Well, our annual training says we should go ahead and report this to the OHSU Integrity Office for a violation of the Code of Conduct.

    2. Yes dear a very poor choice indeed! I mean if you’re going to attempt to go under cover than don’t draw attention to your self by calling yourself a Vragina dude!!!

  11. I saw his comment about that. I try to give people benefit of the doubt, and just figured he was someone who was disgruntled

  12. This Person should be removed from the bargining team at OHSU and ohsu should publicly acknowledge this persons behavior members should be notified if misleading propaganda has circulated this not acceptable behavior. Thanks for all the hard work you guys are putting in we are glad you have our backs.

  13. Completely disgusted by this behavior. I’m having a hard time finding the right words to express my disappointment and shock. Its disrespectful to everyone including those on the OHSU team who have attempted to bargain in good faith. I want to believe he acted alone but…its hard to when OHSU executive leadership didn’t even care have the decision makers at the table.

  14. There should be consequences for this. If one of our bargaining team or a member did this they would likely get fired. I also just realized the statement in this article about member comments on OHSU now being deleted or targeted and reported to management, why isn’t this considered retaliation or some other form of ULP?

    1. OHSU has stated that the deletions were due to violations of the commenting guidelines (perceived slights to an individual, making an off-topic comment, etc.), and the commenting guidelines state that they’ll contact your manager if you have a comment deleted.

  15. What do we want?!
    A fair contract!
    When do we want it?!
    Show us some RESPECT. This is out of control and for what? A bigger bottom line? Bigger executive bonuses? Bragging rights to big banks for even bigger loans? This is HEALTHCARE people not corporate America. Stop the nonsense, OHSU. Stop wasting our time, stop dragging your reputation through the mud.
    I hope to see all 7000 members at the picket on Thursday. And if that doesn’t work, I hope to see all 7000 of you on the picket line this Fall. Enough is enough.

  16. Oh, honestly. I can’t help but be almost as disdainful of how poorly this was hidden as I am of the trolling itself. Waiting for the inevitable ‘we take these allegations very seriously and are looking into them’ line from OHSU…

    Interesting that searching ‘aanus mcfadden’ on twitter right now appears to bring up the account that’s done the activity detailed in this post, but the handle’s been changed to one so troll-y that I’d normally block it without even thinking. Very interesting. Hmmmmmmm. I hope someone got the receipts…

  17. Wow, not only is it incredibly disappointing that a member of the OHSU bargaining team would conduct themselves in this fashion, but also I find this incredibly petty, small, and quite pathetic.

    I hope OHSU takes action and shows they won’t tolerate this inappropriate behavior.

  18. Disappointed. They should be held at the same, if not higher standard sitting at the bargaining table. Where is their adherence to the code of conduct?


  19. Wow. So many questions.
    What did Forbes say when you contacted him?
    What is OHSU saying about this? Will he be disciplined?
    Did OHSU know he was doing this?
    Did they ask him to do it?
    Did he really think he’d get away with it?
    How is this big of a jerk still employed?

  20. How can an older adult (not a kid or even a 20something ) who is seemingly of some respectable stature in life be so immature and petty as to troll the Union under these juvenile pseudonyms? How embarrassing for him and for OHSU management by association. This only serves to discredit them and make their positions look less reasonable. I hope the local media picks up on this, although I’m sure OHSU would just use their lawyers and PR team to bury it somehow.

  21. thought this account was something shadddddddy when it followed my account and I followed and that’s literally all it talked about. I think it’s labeled as “Progressive Values” or something now.
    Not all that surprised, unfortunately.

    1. Yes, over the weekend the “McFadden” account started following the Twitter accounts of members of the bargaining team and other Local 328 folks. All of the accounts we mention in the article also changed their names over the weekend.

  22. Would an AFSCME member be fired for trolling a high stakes negotiation with another hospital? If one of us were to try and spread misinformation about OHSU and was caught would we be fired?

    Here’s what I think: if OHSU wants to treat these “trolls” the way we would be treated and fire them in short order for code of conduct violations, then we can and should just be professional about the whole thing. However, if OHSU wants to protect this eye-poppingly unprofessional behavior we should NOT take the high road. We should go public. OHSU should pay a price if endorses this garbage.

    This is what OHSU does to the little guys way down in the bottom of the hospital every damn day. Managers lie, get aggressive, break rules, and far worse but the second a member crosses a line of the code of conduct BOOM the pearl clutching starts. Same thing here. Their effing bargaining team is pulling some Russian style Facebook level fake news. If these bozos aren’t on leave by Monday, AFSCME should take the gloves off. I’m for putting up pictures of them. Employees should know who would treat them this way. I have seen people lose their jobs for far, far less. People who were thrust into uncertainty about how they’d feed their kids… for being late. Public shaming? Too gd bad buddy.

  23. Interesting that OHSU hasn’t even sent out an “We became aware of these allegations and we’re investigating, we take them very seriously, yadda yadda yadda” message.

  24. OHSU just posted the following on twitter:

    “We’re deeply disappointed to learn about this inappropriate conduct on social media. We are sorry. We can confirm that this individual has been removed from our bargaining team, effective immediately, and is prohibited from participating in any future negotiations.”

    This isn’t over, but look at what we can accomplish together.

    1. Pretty good. Will they acknowledge how this toxicity may have effected negotiations and offer further concessions?

    2. ” prohibited from participating in any future negotiations.””

      I wonder what that really entails. Because I was the unit steward of my previous department. Just because I left, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t active as a steward in that department anymore

  25. I want to see this on the news today. A full investigation is in order. A lame “we are sorry”, is not enough.

  26. Disappointing doesn’t even come close.
    Removing this individual from the bargaining team and all future negotiations isn’t enough, and seems to imply this person will continue to be employed by OHSU …..


    AFSCME members, spread the word, share the blog post, and flood the integrity hotline with reports of Frengle’s violations.

    1. I agree! This loser should be fired! He was purposely doing things that would negatively affect the livelihood of hundreds of employees, why should we expect him to act with integrity in his others business dealings at OHSU. The way OHSU deals with this situation will reveal a lot about their level of integrity — or lack there of.

  27. Removing him from bargaining is a good first step. Next steps should be to review all of his contributions to see if they have been tainted.

    And if it really was him he should be fired, there should be no tolerance for these kind of activities.

    It certainly tarnishes their “we have been bargaining in good faith” statements.

    1. Maybe OHSU should be trying to figure out if the other parts of the Twitter misinformation campaign are on their payroll or even on the bargaining team. Can you imagine how they would have laughed at us had we accused their bargaining team of engaging in Russian style misinformation tactics two weeks ago. They are so clueless. I won’t accept that this one fellow we happened to catch was it until there is an investigation. We have gd investigations over employees refilling their soda at the fountain! INVESTIGATE THEIR BARGAINING TEAM.

  28. When they go low, we go high.

    Let’s make sure we stay grounded and poised.

    We don’t want take any bait and get sucked into a smear fest.

    We don’t need to stoop lower to score points if our arguments remain rooted in facts.

    Let’s stay focused on a securing a fair contract.

    If we start antagonizing and attacking, we are no better.

    Right now they have a stain on their face, let’s not do the same to ourselves.

    March forward with dignity. Stay strong and fight the good fight.

    1. I agree with not stooping to their level, but this does need to get out to our members and the community. We can still be professional about it

  29. This is incredibly distressing. Immaturity, bullying…I don’t want to believe it but it’s right in front of my face. Well done, Jesse.

  30. I would really like to see OHSU walk the walk after all they talk the talk about having zero tolerance for this type of toxic behavior. I think we all know that nothing serious will become of this at the very lest the person will get a very firm finger shake and a monotone don’t let this happen again talking to over Starbucks. Extreme case they given a chance resign and OHSU gives them a glowing reference for they can take their childish, sextist behavior to another corporation.

  31. Perhaps these chants to fire the person are inappropriate. This could quickly descend into a kind of public mob mentality of the psycho-social variety. They kicked him off the bargaining unit. Everyone knows what he did. Who here hasn’t ever done some online trolling? Maybe he’s a good finance person. I am sure he feels thoroughly embarrassed and shamed. Maybe that’s enough? I bet this person keeps his head down and won’t make a peep for the next 5 years. Do we really want to ruin him professionally?

    I am an afscme member, have no idea who this person is and have no association. Just saying, how about we temper this with some common sense. So, management has trolls. BIG DEAL. Are you surprised? I’m not. This person is only human. We’re all flawed. Me especially.

    1. We don’t think that members expressing strong emotions about this matter is inappropriate. This person’s behavior is unacceptable. This wasn’t a random person “doing some online trolling”—it was a member of OHSU’s bargaining team publicly misrepresenting our union’s positions during active contract negotiations. No one in our union’s leadership is interested in “ruining him professionally,” but we do feel he should be held to the same disciplinary standards that members of our bargaining unit would be. And as an AFSCME member, you do have an association with him, even if you didn’t know who he was until yesterday: he’s been sitting at the bargaining table with OHSU for five months, negotiating the contract that will affect you and ~7,000 of your coworkers for the next several years.

      We’re concerned about how this person’s attitude toward our union and our bargaining positions may have influenced management’s discussions and decisions about negotiations. We also suspect that one other member of management’s bargaining team may have participated in the trolling to some degree. As such, our trust in OHSU’s ability to negotiate a fair contract with us has been severely tested. This IS a big deal.

      1. I keep hearing that he publicly misrepresented our position, but I haven’t seen any concrete examples. I can’t find the text of what he said anywhere.

        If our fair contract has to come at the cost of this sacrificial lamb you’re using to stir up public outrage, then it is better fought through other means.

        What, pray tell, did he say? Please make your case with evidence, not simple proclamation. Too many here are chanting “fire him, fire him,” etc. Think about the repercussions of that, and how it could indeed ruin him professionally. And, for what? I don’t even know what he said. What was the content of his trolling?

        And, of course, make no mistake about it: his presence at the bargaining table influenced OHSU’s position. That much is guaranteed by his being a member of it. However, it is odd that you are surprised that someone in that clan would laugh about us, publicly or otherwise, when in reality it should be the first thing that we expect. If we cannot endure a little taunting, then how strong are we, really?

        Let it go. Stop chanting to fire him. Stop using this to turn us into an angry mob and rob us of our reasoning abilities.

        1. This in the hands of our legal team now, so I’m not comfortable sharing a lot of specifics here. The posts included misrepresentations of our union’s positions on wages and tiered contract language; there were also posts that used false numbers to inflate the cost of our dues. Suffice it to say, we didn’t bring this issue to light because of “a little taunting.”

          Only a few people in the comments have directly advocated firing the person in question. A lot of folks are rightly wondering why he doesn’t appear to be facing the same consequences that a member of our bargaining unit would in these circumstances. None of these comments mean that we’re turning into an angry mob.

          However this matter is formally resolved, it’s out of the hands of our bargaining team. We’re focused on tomorrow’s informational picket and on our mediation session on August 13.

    2. @RussianBot010101000

      I definitely don’t think the level of outrage and calls for action are inappropriate. You’re telling me that if YOU acted in the same way this person did, that YOUR employment wouldn’t be immediately terminated? If you actually believe that, your head is in the sand. As Jennifer stated, this person should be held to the same standards as AFSCME members are – there is a code of conduct in place.


    3. To answer a few of your questions.

      Who here hasn’t ever done some online trolling? – me, as someone else on here stated, I am an adult, and do not go around putting fake news on the internet.

      Maybe he’s a good finance person. I am sure he feels thoroughly embarrassed and shamed. Maybe that’s enough?- no that is not enough, his action have consequences, I am not sure excatly what they should be, but not just self impossed shame.

      I bet this person keeps his head down and won’t make a peep for the next 5 years. Do we really want to ruin him professionally?- umm he is trying ruin us professionally by taking back our benefits.

  32. Honestly, there is nothing good that can be said of, or come about from what this Man did. That’s our Management, and Strategic Financial Analyst? Wow, honestly unbelievable and he should honestly be very concerned right now. This is unacceptable; truly bad form.

  33. We “can’t afford to strike” and online trolling: all sponsored by our employer, OHSU? There must be some serious anti-union rhetoric going on in the OHSU bargaining meetings behind closed doors. This act of trolling should be a fireable offense and OHSU should publicly distance itself from such behavior and honor its own code of conduct by owning it and publicly apologizing. I support a union investigation into the OHSU bargaining team for this serious misconduct and breach of trust.

  34. Thank you for the thoughtful update. I am sad but not surprised by the unprofessional behavior of some in management. Stay strong AFSCME, I will look for the chance to come stand beside you when the time comes.
    In solidarity
    Timothy Welp

  35. I’m not surprised that this happened. Not one bit. It’s a failure on the part of the OHSU bargaining team leadership to set the example of stellar behavior. All along there’s been disrespectful behavior from them, and not just from the proposals. If management doesn’t insist on respect for us on their part, how can a lowly member of the bargaining team not think this is allowed? I’m not say management was trolling us but their behavior certainly left the door open to others thinking in any way that this might be a good thing to do. Management needs to model the behavior they want seen and if the bargaining team members are incapable of it, they should be replaced with more honorable people.

  36. I just filed a report via the ethics link. I believe every one of us should either file an ethics report or call the ethics hotline to report this. We have a code of conduct. These actions are in direct conflict with this code. There must be consequences when someone steps this far out of line.

    Also, I printed out the BLOG post and pasted the screen shot OHSU Twitter reply at the top of it. I posted this on the union bulletin board in the breakroom. I highlighted information in it.

  37. I am concerned this person still maintains employment at OHSU. I am also concerned what this person’s motives were when targeting AFSCME employees. I hope OHSU makes a more public statement about this because nothing about this feels safe or okay.

  38. Am I understanding this correctly? OHSU is employing a Financial Consultant that has intentionally provided misrepresented financial data?

    I would insist that OHSU start over and provide new data from a *reputable* consultant, possibly working with a third party forensic auditor. OHSU’s “accounting” appears to be very problematic. Also, why was their Unclassified-switch-to-PTO savings forecast off by so many millions of dollars? What else are they miscalculating? Or misrepresenting?

    1. We can’t speak to the accuracy of the financial data he may have provided to management’s bargaining team as part of negotiations. (He did present a spreadsheet to us at the table on May 19, which we’ll likely be taking another look at now.) One of the spreadsheets he posted on Twitter is definitely inaccurate, however—he inflated the percentage of dues our members pay, and used those numbers to support his misrepresentation of one of our team’s major bargaining positions.

  39. Because of the level of transgressions, especially in light of using false data to misrepresent financial information, I would like to see the AFSCME attorney become involved, if not already happening. This puts a whole concern to the bargaining process.

  40. I heard people talking about this in the halls at work today and saying that what he did was illegal. Is that true?

  41. The problem here lies on both sides because they both state they are looking out for the best interest of the employee. When in fact, they are both full of crap. The selfish desires of both sides are what cause these issues to exist and leave the employee to be confused and stuck in the middle. Shame on both sides for this garbage. That said, the Frengle guy was childish and it would be despicable for him not to be disciplined appropriately.

    1. The problem here lies on both sides? Both full of crap? Selfish desires of both sides? Good grief. There is absolutely nothing selfish about wanting a fair contract, including fair compensation, fair benefits, and fair treatment. There is most definitely selfishness on the part of OHSU during a time of record profits, giving ridiculous bonuses for implementing cost savings measures to it’s executive level staff, yet not wanting to provide us worker bees with decent cost of living increases. There is no confusion that AFSCME is looking out for its members. I do not feel stuck in the middle. Without my union standing up for me I would feel stuck under OHSU’s heavy hand, this is a certainty.

    2. Concerned Staff – Have you taken the time to read every proposal, every blog update, every email? Have you attended any town halls? Were you at the rally? Will you be at the picket? Do you talk to your AFSCME coworkers and hear their concerns about paying rent, trying to afford medical care, being bullied at work? Are you REALLY “concerned” at all? Because if you were, you would realize that the union bargaining team is consistently taking the high road to fight for fair treatment, fair payment, fair benefits for all of us represented workers. I don’t know how OHSU put together its bargaining team, but it’s more obvious now than ever that it’s a group of people who don’t care to listen to the needs and concerns of HALF of OHSU’s employees. The trolling ends now!

  42. Mr. Frengle should be fired. This is seriously wrong, and it should not be tolerated. OHSU should step up and do something aside from removing him from negotiations now and in the future.

  43. If OHSU were truly “deeply sorry” this imposter would have been permanently removed from the organization, not just the bargaining table. Actions speak louder than words OHSU.

  44. I’m sorry, but isn’t this sort of malicious interference actionable? I think the best way to take the high road and make people accountable is to avail ourselves of the protections our *U.S. judiciary system* was designed to provide. Asking OHSU to do something and stopping there would be a disservice, in my humble opinion.

  45. This (these) person has taken our negotiations several steps back. I hope whomever is involved, is punished in a manner that any other employee would. 100% Bad and Sad!

  46. It’s shocking that an adult professional would behave this way. It was very ignorant of him to think he would not be found out. It’s great OHSU responded to this the way they did, however I have zero faith in their bargaining abilities at this point. This is so disappointing.

  47. This is very bothering to find out just how childish management can be. Reminds me of a Haribo gummy bear commercial. How many parents give their kids a treat / incentive bonus for doing their chores. Most bothering is that this accountant was providing bad data. I really wonder how accurate OHSU’s books are.


    Dan Forbes, VP of Human Resources Resigns over trolling:

    Or the blandly titled: “Statement from President Jacobs” in OHSU Now.

    Statement from President Jacobs
    As follow up to yesterday’s post regarding the concerns raised about social media activity within the OHSU bargaining team, the vice president of Human Resource has resigned his position effective immediately. He will remain employed at OHSU until Nov. 1, 2019 to help facilitate a smooth transition of his responsibilities. He will not participate in any work related to labor contract negotiations. He has expressed his remorse for his role in this activity.

    I am very sorry. Our employees are truly our best asset. OHSU remains committed to bargaining in good faith with integrity and transparency in the bargaining process. We look forward to working collaboratively with the AFSCME bargaining team to finalize a contract that reflects our values and our mutual respect for our members.

    Danny Jacobs, M.D., M.P.H., FACS

    1. Yup I mentioned in an early reply that management models desired behavior. Also, I find it interesting they don’t mention his name in the OHSU Now post. Just the title.

  49. Gosh – seems like, if Dr. Jacobs were truly “sorry” – he’d instruct his team to accept the Union’s contract proposal and ACT like he truly respects the members of the Union.
    Otherwise – stop blowing hot air – it’s what you do that matters. We’ve had enough of your empty words.

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