OHSU’s VP of Human Resources Has Resigned

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Update: We’ve posted our response to this matter here.

The below statement was released on OHSU Now late Wednesday night. Local 328 will be sharing our own statement about this matter as soon as possible today.

Statement from President Jacobs

As follow up to yesterday’s post regarding the concerns raised about social media activity within the OHSU bargaining team, the vice president of Human Resource has resigned his position effective immediately. He will remain employed at OHSU until Nov. 1, 2019 to help facilitate a smooth transition of his responsibilities. He will not participate in any work related to labor contract negotiations. He has expressed his remorse for his role in this activity. 

I am very sorry. Our employees are truly our best asset. OHSU remains committed to bargaining in good faith with integrity and transparency in the bargaining process. We look forward to working collaboratively with the AFSCME bargaining team to finalize a contract that reflects our values and our mutual respect for our members.

Danny Jacobs, M.D., M.P.H., FACS

64 thoughts on “OHSU’s VP of Human Resources Has Resigned”

  1. It is completely unacceptable for a VP to keep their job after acknowledging that they “played a role” in what happened! If ANYONE should be held to the code of conduct, it should be Dan Forbes – the VP of the department that enforces it. I don’t feel good having the VP of my human resources department violating the code of conduct and still be on the job. How can that person fulfill ANY aspect of their HR job if they broke the code of conduct????

    1. Jennie-Dan Forbes resigned and will be transitioning out until his last day on November 1st.

      We hope that Dr. Jacobs was sincere when he recognized that “employees are truly our best asset” and that OHSU looks forward bargaining in good faith. Hopefully this leads to constructive talks at the table next week.

      See you at the picket today 4-6pm mac hall!

      1. This is what I am hoping too. At this point. Who know what was being shared with the board and other executives regarding bargaining…..

      2. Hi Kasey – yes, I meant how could he remain employed through November 1st. I just don’t see how the VP of HR, after violating the code of conduct, could remain an employee until then. I am just incredibly disappointed that this happened.

    2. I agree totally! I hope he’s not sticking around to pass his culture on. I believe he came up under the last VP of HR who is no longer here…..

  2. If he was leaving OHSU for another job the “transition of his responsibilities” would happen within his 30day notice. Why the extra time?

    1. I suspect for the continued smooth running of HR. It takes time to recruit at that level of management. They may well need to interview people from outside the state. Remember how long it took to recruit a new president. And given recent events, they will want to be extra sure and select the right person, at least, one would hope.

      1. For the attitude toward their employees, I don’t know that they deserve an orderly transition period. Get him out

  3. Until the best and final offer, there wasn’t one OHSU proposal that wasn’t a take back during a time of record profit and expansion. A joke of a town hall meeting where HR lies and tells us PTO isn’t directly a cost saving measure. Their quarterly statements are public record, reporting 23 million as revenue from existing PTO employees. (No motive to get 7k more employees into that lucrative stream I’m sure) Spinning their news letters to make AFSCME look unreasonable, as if an impasse isn’t an expected unilateral act during negotiation. Of course there will be an impasse when you offer nothing but take backs. AFSCME is PROTECTING us, OHSU is not. They are manipulating and financially pilfering from us. And now they are trolling us from the executive level? Piss poor bargaining OHSU. You should truly be ashamed of your disregard for us and your OBVIOUS GREED. I guess millions upon millions in the black isn’t enough for you. What will be?

    1. If Frengle was taking orders from HR, then this all makes sense from a culpability standpoint. I’ll take Forbes’s head over Frengle’s any day.

      Another round of applause for Jesse – without whom this may have continued happening under our noses with us none the wiser.

  4. Maybe I don’t understand the term “effective immediately”? I thought it meant right now, not in a couple of months. How is having this knucklehead remain employed until November 1, effective immediately?
    And how is this even remotely “remaining committed to bargaining in good faith”? How about STARTING to bargain in good faith??

  5. Do better, Dr. Jacobs. Your statement doesn’t even say this person’s name. Combined with a November 1 resignation, there is no accountability shown here. It’s optics while not hurting one’s future employment prospects with Google results indicating their gross misconduct.

  6. Top 10 Reasons to Attend The Informational Picket Today

    1. The color Green makes you blush.

    2. You believe in trolls but not in the executive suite.

    3. You think PTO stands for Pretty Terrible Option.

    4. You have a beautiful voice. And you like it heard.

    5. You’ve had it with take backs over the past 20 years.

    5. You think dishonest management is worse than kidney stones.

    6. The media will be there and you have pretty teeth.

    7. You want the best economic future for your coworkers and family.

    8. You think your bargaining team is pretty much amazing.

    9. You’d rather strike in the bowling alley.

    10. You want a FAIR CONTRACT!

  7. I think this is serious enough that the negotiations should begin from square one. As they say in law, any negotiations built on previous negotiations are “fruit of the poisonous tree.” Thoughts?

    1. Interesting thought. I don’t know about starting from square one but I feel like we certainly should not be held to agreements we have made in good faith with the OHSU bargaining team if we want to change any.

  8. So, OHSU HR VP Dan Forbes resigned? Let me guess: big severance check and a glowing review for a future hospital CEO position? Our new contract should reflect reparation for these unethical and deceptive bargaining tactics from OHSU leadership, in addition to a fair contract.

  9. I agree with everything John has stated. His sentiments mirror not only mine, but also the other OHSU team members I have spoken too.

    Why are those in executive positions protected when they are in the wrong.

    If anyone else had done this, guess who would be immediately let go, shadowed as they packed up their work area, escorted off the premises and not allowed back to their office?

  10. Well! Now I’m extra curious about what exactly went down around this whole thing. Frengle was just following orders, is that it?

    It did strike me as weird though that in Dr. Jacobs’ statement he doesn’t actually name Dan. I don’t know that that means anything, it’s just kinda odd.

      1. Not strange at all. They want to keep the name out of things so that when someone does searches on Dan in the future, like maybe when he applies somewhere, this incident doesn’t come up. (Well at least that is what I think.)

        1. I hope that assumption has been thwarted by all the posting here with his name.

          Dan Forbes, VP of HR for OHSU.
          Dan Forbes, Ex-VP of HR for OHSU

          1. I don’t want to take away from the immediate task at hand (preparing for the Aug. 13 negotiation) but if we wish to keep amplifying the names of the trust-breakers like Dan Forbes and Patrick Frengle so other orgs can avoid being poisoned by their actions, we need to mention them by name whenever we leave comments in news articles feedback area. That helps with search engine results.

            Having said that, there are companies out there who will scrub online reputations. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Forbes and Mr. Frengle are using Reputation Defender or other similar services though. It ain’t cheap however.

  11. So we keep someone to make a smooth transition for what so he can teach the next person how to not fulfill OHSU vision and mission. What a horrible role model for OHSU. If any of us did this we would be fired on the spot.

  12. This level of avoidable stupidity on the OHSU’s bargaining team is nothing short of astounding. Actions speak louder than empty rhetoric, Dr. Jacobs. Do something about the massive rot going on at OHSU. Also, Jesse you are a rock star for getting to the bottom of all this! Thanks to you and to the AFSCME bargaining team for putting up with this shit so gracefully for so long!

  13. I agree, very odd that the statement from Jacobs doesn’t mention a name. This is all being handled in a really non-transparent, vague way by OHSU. Not that they should reveal any confidential personnel details, but being more forthcoming about what really happened and how this affects bargaining would possibly restore some faith among AFSCME members and OHSU staff as a whole right now.

    1. “Ross Grami, the union’s spokesperson, says union organizers found connections between Forbes and a Twitter and Facebook account called Peter Pumpkin Eater. Grami adds that during a call to alert Forbes that the union planned to go public with its allegations against Fengle, the Peter Pumpkin Eater account was deactivated.”

      Hachi machi!

      1. There is the detail I was missing… So this is sort of unrelated to the Mr. Frengle portion of the incident. But it shows that it wasn’t a single lone member of the OHSU bargaining team that was acting in bad faith.

  14. My opinion is that we return to our first offer and strike until it is done. Enough lies and lip service from Jacobs. It is time to stop with his phoney corporate platitudes and get the respect and treatment we deserve.
    I am personally excited to see the hospital screech to a halt as asfcme stands outside in green as Jacobs and Hunter are forced to swallow the pill of who ACTUALLY runs this hospital… and who ACTUALLY treats and cares for our patients… and ACTUALLY provides the quality, heartfelt care that they love to brag about in line at the bank. Because it sure as hell isn’t them. Stay strong AFSCME!!

      1. I hear what you’re saying, and I’m not necessarily advocating to go all the way back. Still, it’s pretty obvious we’ve been bargaining under false pretenses. Legally we may not be able to do it, but from an ethical standpoint, we ought to have the option to do it, even if we choose not to take it.

  15. I’m honestly surprised. Not surprised that Dan was involved, just surprised that he was held accountable for it. OHSU <3

  16. 100% unacceptable that this knucklehead stays employed until 11/1/19.

    I am a true believer that actions speak louder than words, and our new President simply says, “I am sorry”, and goes on to state this person is staying on until 11/1/19. So, his actions do not back up his words here.

    I’m sure it’s a hard position to fill, but that’s part of the pain they need to bear when people of this ilk are in charge of our companies HR.

    Truly, so very disappointing.

  17. The VP of HR should NOT be on the OHSU payroll until 11/1/19. He should be removed immediately. His benefits and pension if he gets one should also be terminated.
    This man is not working alone either. Is there a way that were can do a class action lawsuit?

    100% strike!!

  18. ” He has expressed his remorse for his role in this activity” really ? No they’re sorry that they got caught, that the operation blew up in their face that’s all. I would bet he drew the short straw and is offered up as a sacrifice with a nice golden parachute clause to break the fall and a glowing letter of recommendation to light the way in the dark cold world of corporate “leadership”

  19. “Why are those in executive positions protected when they are in the wrong.”

    That is OHSU’s way, unfortunately. We need someone at the top to get rid of the ‘good ole boy’ mentality at the top. I had hope with the new president, but nothing has changed. We could save a whole lot of money getting ride of the management. OHSU is ridiculously top heavy.

  20. The Willamette Week article cited above states “the union plant to file an unfair labor practice complaint with the state”. What is the outcome of something like that? Will anything happen soon enough to affect the bargaining?

  21. i’ve negotiated with Forbes in the past, and his behavior is completely unsurprising. I suspect that these two little boys (sic names on the trolling accounts) are not the only administrators involved. OHSU admin comes up short on integrity and transparency once again.

  22. I do not see what value he could possibly have through to Nov. 1. He is toxic and should be removed immediately, not be allowed to further influence his staff. Can you imagine being AFSCME and working under him? How could you work with someone who deserves no respect? The same with Patrick Frengle, he must go. As well, yes why does OHSU avoid including these people’s names in these notices? Why are these people being protected? Show us all some respect, OHSU. This is shameful.

    And where is the local news? This is front page stuff here. This is also disappointing.

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