What Exactly Happened & What OHSU Can Do Next

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This has been a whirlwind of a week!

On Tuesday, August 6, employees were notified on OHSU Now that a member of OHSU’s bargaining team, Patrick Frengle, had behaved inappropriately, noting that this “…team member had been posting on AFSCME’s social media channels using several aliases — often referred to as ‘trolling.’” Mr. Frengle was removed from management’s bargaining team. The following evening, OHSU president Danny Jacobs issued a statement on OHSU Now regarding the resignation of OHSU’s vice president of Human Resources [Dan Forbes] related to “his role in this activity.” 

So what exactly happened here?

Mr. Frengle had created at least two fake Twitter account to troll our union with. (See our previous post for details.) One of his troll posts included a spreadsheet he had made, using false numbers, to artificially inflate the cost of Local 328 dues, and he appeared to be attempting to influence employees to drop their union membership. He also misrepresented, in multiple posts, our union’s positions re: wages and tiered contract language. During the course of monitoring Mr. Frengle’s troll accounts and documenting the connections to him, our team noticed that another suspicious Twitter account (“PeterPumpkinEater,” who was posing as a West Campus employee) had been interacting with his posts.

Our bargaining team believed that this other account was also linked to management’s bargaining team, so we began documenting social-media connections to the person we suspected was interacting with Mr. Frengle. “Peter” had liked many of Mr. Frengle’s anti-union troll posts and engaged in what appeared to be a coordinated back-and-forth discussion claiming that our union’s dues are regressive and harmful to lower-wage workers. On Monday, August 5, Local 328 staff called Dan Forbes to let him know of our concerns that a member of OHSU’s bargaining team had been trolling our union on Twitter. Mr. Forbes did not ask who we suspected of this behavior. During this phone call with Dan Forbes, the suspicious “Peter” account was deleted from Twitter. The following day, after Mr. Frengle had admitted responsibility for the trolling, we shared information about the “Peter” account with a member of OHSU’s administration. Dan Forbes’s resignation was announced the day after that.

Why is this so serious? 

As stated by Oregon AFSCME’s executive director Stacy Chamberlain, “…these actions, at best, demonstrate an utter lack of respect for the workers at OHSU and their union. At worst, it is an attempt to illegally interfere in the bargaining process. We are continuing our investigation into this matter and the scope of the trolling by the management bargaining team members. We will take ALL appropriate legal action to protect our members rights to bargain a fair contract!” Oregon AFSCME’s attorney has sent OHSU a litigation hold/preservation notice/stop destruction request, calling for an investigation and a cessation of the use of public resources in unfair labor practices.” 

Throughout AFSCME Local 328’s negotiations with OHSU, our members have expressed frustration about not being listened to by management and feeling disrespected by OHSU. The last few days have confirmed our bargaining team’s worst suspicions. We are deeply disappointed in OHSU, and have serious concerns about how trust can be restored moving forward. We are concerned about the integrity of the bargaining process thus far given the actions of these two men, especially considering Dan Forbes’s leadership position at OHSU and his significant role in our negotiations. Mr. Forbes is the person who sat across from our bargaining team explaining OHSU’s pay-equity proposals that would have punished our members for management’s mistakes. He is the person who stood in front of our members at OHSU’s bargaining forums trying to persuade us of the merits of OHSU’s PTO proposal. Dan Forbes is the person who would have had been the tie-breaker for benefits decisions that couldn’t be agreed upon by the Employee Benefits Council. He began attending our bargaining sessions back in April. Given his apparent animosity toward our union and his disrespect toward the bargaining process, how can our members have any confidence in OHSU’s integrity at the bargaining table since then (or even from the beginning)?

Dr. Jacobs’s message states that “OHSU remains committed to bargaining in good faith with integrity and transparency in the bargaining process.” Has OHSU even been bargaining in good faith? He also said that OHSU recognizes “we have work to do to regain your trust and are committed to moving forward with integrity” and that our employees are “our best asset.” OHSU’s actions over the coming days will let us know how sincere this sentiment is.

What steps can OHSU take to help regain the trust of our ~7,000 members?

  • Conduct a through investigation into this matter and prove to our members that the bargaining process has been fair. Are the figures that have been shared with our union and our members accurate? Have other members of management’s bargaining team engaged in similar behaviors? Were other members of OHSU’s team aware of the actions of Mr. Forbes and Mr. Frengle? Was anyone in management, on or off OHSU’s bargaining team, responsible for the blog comment discussed here? What is happening within upper management such that this sort of behavior is encouraged and participated in? 
  • Stop disabling comments on bargaining-related posts on OHSU Now. OHSU claims that “Labor laws and collective bargaining agreements place restrictions on how OHSU and the union communicate about contract negotiations, which are not conducive to an open forum like comments.” There is nothing in our collective-bargaining agreement that limits OHSU’s ability to host comments on the OHSU Now website, and members of our bargaining team have made repeated comments on OHSU Now letting OHSU know that our union has no concerns regarding such comments.
  • Restore the OHSU Now commenting rights of all employees who had these rights revoked as a result of having had their bargaining-related comments deleted. 
  • Rescind any formal coaching or discipline that may have been imposed on any member whose manager was contacted as a result of the member’s OHSU Now comments.
  • Make it clear to management at all levels that unfair labor practices — such as publicly disparaging our union’s dues structures in an attempt to reduce our members — will not be tolerated. 
  • Share credit with Local 328 on joint ventures. If OHSU truly values its relationship with AFSCME, it will begin formally recognizing our role in the Career & Workplace Enhancement Center, grant opportunities, etc. Our union’s final offer includes co-branding language that we hope OHSU will recognize the value of and agree to. 
  • Seek the input of employees at all levels of the organization and recognize that we can work together to improve OHSU and our community. Our union’s final offer includes language to form a community advisory board that would work toward those ends.
  • Listen to employees who’ve raised concerns about staffing levels at OHSU and work with us to ensure safe staffing. Our union’s final offer includes language to form a collaborative staffing task force.
  • Stop pushing union-busting contract proposals that would split our bargaining unit and weaken our union: no mandatory PTO for future hires, equal across-the-board wage increases for all members of our bargaining unit, etc. 

Local 328 hasn’t silenced people. Members of our bargaining team haven’t hidden behind fake names to troll OHSU on social media or share misinformation about OHSU’s bargaining positions. We haven’t played games — like floating outlandish proposals just to say later that we’ve made movement, or backtracking from our previous positions. Our message hasn’t changed since February: we’re here trying to negotiate a fair contract with OHSU for our bargaining unit. We want to work with management to help make OHSU the best place it can be, for employees and patients alike. 

OHSU: On Tuesday, August 13, let’s negotiate a fair contract that respects and rewards the sacrifices and hard work that Local 328 members provide OHSU every day. Enough is enough.

108 thoughts on “What Exactly Happened & What OHSU Can Do Next”

  1. So where does this leave us, from a legal perspective, with the negotiation? AFSCME declared impasse, but maybe under false pretenses. Is it possible to back the clock up and rescind that impasse? Get additional mediation sessions?

    There are a lot of people in my work area who are very angry. If OHSU thinks AFSCME members are too poor to strike, I suspect they’ve just lit the fuse under their employees.

      1. OHSU should accept our final offer in full with no questions or modifications. Come back in three years with a better attitude.

  2. I’ll just leave this here.


    “For the next year, OHSU will focus on these three areas of opportunity:

    – The person I report to treats me with respect.
    – Better communicate employee training opportunities and resources.
    – Senior leadership engagement with the work force.”

    On: Wednesday, July 12, 2017

    This wasn’t the senior leadership engagement I was expecting.

  3. Somehow I doubt very much that this behavior will sit well with a mandated state mediator. You will be mediating under false pretenses. Time to start over imho. I also think that the buck doesn’t stop with Dan Forbes. Who above Dan? Where is the actual pressure coming from?

  4. Glad to have a voice on this forum for discussion. Being censored by OHSU by not being able to comment on posts on OHSU now sends a pretty clear message that they don’t want to hear what we have to say. Whats the difference from how they ran the OHSU blog and let people comment but convenient we can’t now. The message in silencing us is they don’t want to hear what we have to say. Members have good ideas, input and concerns. OUR VOICE MATTERS.

    1. Strategic Communications’ response to concerns about deleted comments in OHSU and reports to management about said comments in the Employee Survey meeting today were dismissive. The best we got was “we’ll review our commenting guidelines”, which I feel is not nearly enough.

      That plus the laughable title of a recent OHSU Now article, “OHSU’s “Final Offer” reflects commitment to AFSCME employees”, is quite demoralizing as an employee.

      Dan Forbes and Patrick Frengle’s trolling campaign to divide us has just had the opposite effect. I’m grateful to the people that figured out what was happening.

  5. Great blogs Jennifer. As an ex-OHSU faculty member, I have dealt with Forbes before, and I find his participation in these unethical and unfair events unsurprising. He’s sleazy. I doubt, however, that Forbes and Frengle acted on their own. You are negotiating, as you know, with an organization that is not noted for its integrity or transparency. Finally, has anyone else noted the infantile sexual monikers on the Twitter and FB accounts? Is this OHSU’s A team?

    1. Agreed. The trolling is bad enough, but the sexual monikers make it especially repugnant. I can’t believe OHSU still wants someone like Frengle working here.

      1. Forbes and Frengle are the tip of the iceberg, and Forbes and Frengle are aware of all the skeletons. OHSU has to go easy on them or the beans will be spilled so to speak. Thus, I am not surprised that Frengle is still at OHSU.

    2. Obvious sexual monikers yes. An extremely disappointing display of lack of professional ethics and immature human behavior. AFSCME members we deserve so much more. All OHSU faculty and staff deserve so much more. Thank you for your support Dr. Ullman.

  6. Like I’ve said before….I have worked at OHSU for 20+years and have never felt like OHSU was being so disrespectful.
    This is beyond anything I could ever imagine.
    Unfortunately it has all come to fruition.
    Going forward I would hope that we can come together and rise above this

    1. Yep and Dan will still get his because he was employed at the end of the fiscal year. Most likely he will get a prorated amount next October for this fiscal year as well.

  7. This whole thing is just so embarrassing for OHSU. If there ever was a time to fold and admit defeat, I think now is the time. We know we deserve better.

  8. Patrick Frengle is still listed as part of the bargaining team on O2. https://o2.ohsu.edu/human-resources/employee-and-labor-relations/unions/mgmt-bargaining-team.cfm

    I’d imagine that updating the O2 bargaining team page is one of the last things on HR’s mind, but it should be done now out of respect for the community (and to maintain accuracy). Maybe someone from HR will read my post and take care of it.

    As a 9+ year employee, I have always been proud to work at OHSU. I sincerely hope that leadership will make a concerted effort focus to require ethical behavior from the top down to align with the excellent healthcare, education and research provided by the institution.

    1. Update: one of my colleagues contacted HR, and Frengle has been removed from the O2 bargaining team page as of a few minutes ago.

  9. What about the rest of HR management that directly reported to Dan? Usually we hire folks of somewhat similar mindsets. Can we trust anything from that department right now?

  10. I have no doubt that this was a multi level operation with people operating above and below the two that got caught. I am looking forward to hearing what the results of the investigation are, the next steps are and if any federal laws broken .
    Just follow the rat line.

  11. I am having a hard time understanding why anyone in such a high position of authority, and in human resources no less, would do something so stupid.

  12. First time commenter here and I have a big problem with the developments besides the obvious. Although the two executives have been caught, one, plead guilty, one has resigned and an apology has been made look what we’ve already lost. Many items on our union’s original table are now off of the table. No matter what happens now I feel we’ve lost a lot. Please update us on Mr. McFadden’s status.

  13. OHSU has offer AFSCME employees a $1,000 each to settle. In all good faith perhaps OHSU should double that due to the stress and total lack of respect for us.

    1. This is a joke. Better yet, why doesn’t OHSU offer to split the administrative bonuses they give their administrative staff every year and give these bonuses fairly, across the board to the employees in the organization that are actually doing the day to day operations trench work. Do better and do right, OHSU.

    2. Double? Not enough money in the world to make me settle with Forbes and Frengle and the rest still employed here. Vulgar and disgusting beyond belief.

  14. Just in case anyone missed it with everything else going on, the results of the most recent Employee Engagement have been released. Reference: https://o2.ohsu.edu/human-resources/survey-results.cfm

    Of note, lowest performing items are on slide #14 and include “Senior management’s actions support OHSU’s mission and values” and “I have confidence in senior management’s leadership”. Ha!

      1. Of course, they’re not doing the survey now. But I believe it is VERY IMPORTANT that we remember this come survey time next year.

        In the next month ot couple of months, we’re going to get a contract. It will likely be several months after that when the next survey is taken. Don’t forget what has happened here. Show your dissatisfaction on the survey.

  15. I am glad that Forbes is gone. It sucks that he wasn’t screened out based on his extremely hostile behavior toward the union and union actions on behalf of members in jeopardy from poor managers, in the past. There are MANY others in the OHSU HR department who were aware of his anti-union bent and/or who followed his lead. I hope we see something better in HR leadership, but honestly, replacing one guy will do little to fix HR at ohsu.

  16. Will we be revising our proposals in light of these recent issues to push for a stronger contract? preceptor pay, differentials weekend/swing, advanced certifications?

        1. We’ll absolutely explore all of our options on Tuesday with the mediators. This is uncharted territory for the mediators, our union, and OHSU. I don’t think the employer even knows yet who’ll they send to negotiate on the 13th. We’ve been strategizing, working with our legal team, etc., but it’s hard to say today what our options might even be.

  17. At a minimum, I think at this point OHSU needs to agree to all of the union’s contract demands. That would help me trust OHSU again.

  18. Huge thank you to Jesse Miller and anyone else who helped connect the dots on the shameful behavior by (some of?) OHSU’s bargaining team!!!

    1. Do we have a count yet on attendees? That caption says “dozens” of AFSCME employees attended. Seemed like it was more than “dozens.”

  19. This changes the optics of a strike. Now any strike, when covered by the media, will include Dan Forbes. OHSU will not want to be in the news for their Russian style disinformation campaign complete with dirty troll names. Add in a dash of illegality and you got a heaping helping of nope. Thanks Dan!

    1. It’s almost a blessing in disguise. I think it opened people’s eyes who really had no clue how upper management has been

  20. What a shocking turn of events. I look forward to seeing how OHSU will ‘earn back our trust’. How about with a living wage, preceptor pay, a weekend differential, an excellent health plan and no PTO?

  21. I think the union should strongly fight for us to get back pay for our cost of living wage adjustment that we should have received in July. Had these people not been part of the OHSU barganing team a fair contract could have been reached on time.

  22. Wow. This story just gets wilder and wilder. I agree with commenters above – now our union has more leverage and it is up to OHSU leadership to actually prove that they are intending to negotiate in good faith, by accepting ALL our final offers. After this situation, union employees who were on the fence about the strike are also more likely to vote for it, if OHSU leadership does not seize the opportunity to placate the employees by accepting our final offer.
    All and all it was actually positive thing for the bargaining, although quite disturbing in a long run as we don’t know how many of those in leadership positions share the same views as the ones who were caught in act. Which creates further divide.

    Thank you folks who caught and brought it to our attention. Looking forward to reading updates about Tuesday meeting once it happens.

  23. This is beyond shamfull. I have worked at OHSU since 2005 and never seen suck disrespectful behaviour. My over all wage has been declining due to HR’s rules about promotions. If you apply for another job, in a much higher class, you only get a 4% raise, even if the job is 5 steps higher. This brings down your overall compartimento sallery way down. This is not cool at all. I wish the union would address this as many employees may some day want to move up. Previous contract language says we are required to get at least a 4% raise. HR misinterpreted this to mean we only get 4% no matter what.

    1. Doubtful it was a misinterpretation. That implies it was accidental. There were other places in the contract where it said “minimum” raise, but it was treated as an absolute value without flexibility. Didn’t matter how good you were at your job.

  24. It was really great to see so many coworkers out at the picket yesterday! I’m curious, is Lee Saunders touring the country or was he in Portland for something specific. I hope that we utilize the Forbes/Frengle trolling for as much media/community engagement as possible. I already started circulating the WW article to everyone I could. Pretty despicable!

    We will win!!!

  25. I’m curious why we haven’t seen more news coverage. Willamette Weekly is covering the trolling and subsequent firing issue. I’ve seen nothing on Fox 12, KATU or the Oregonian. KOIN did a live FB feed for about 30 minutes yesterday and a small blurb on air but, it was mostly about Kaiser. Seems like the public should know more about what is happening and keep OHSU accountable.

    1. I also do not understand this. How can they NOT be covering such a scandal? I mean the VP of HR resigned for goodness sakes what else will it take for complete media coverage? Surely that can’t just glaze over this like it is a nonissue.

      1. Fox12 is owned by Fox, KATU by Sinclair and the Oregonian by the billionaire Newhouse family. Don’t expect any of them to sympathetically cover the little guy.

        We can’t afford to hope legacy media raises a ruckus for us: we’ll have to make our own noise.

  26. It’s surprising to see only two articles by Willy Week and one by Lund so far. Surprised to see nothing from nwlaborpress (I suspect they’re writing a piece with thoughtful quotes by our union leadership).

    There hasn’t been any other local news coverage. You woulda think that cybertrolling by bargaining members and upper level executive during contract negotiation is an unprecedented, noteworthy item.

    If I were OHSU I would be worried if “newspapers of record” (like Washington Post and New York Times) picked up on the story. Unlike local news outlets, reputable national news press have greater reach and credibility. And their news items are archived forever.

  27. Unfortunately I don’t expect much from KOIN either. Their coverage only includes statements from management, and management’s proposals and takes on current developments. They cover half the story, a la “news for management, by management.”

    Example: https://www.koin.com/news/hospital-workers-may-strike-over-union-negotiations/

    And KOIN has a history of union busting of its own employees (represented by NABET):

    You can bet they won’t volunteer coverage that highlights the same kind of acrimony they impose on their own employees.

    Portland’s 3 TV news stations all give pretty lousy coverage to working people.

    1. Google helps one easily find the tip lines of say, the New York Times, or the Washington Post or CNN. It’s just a few tippy tappy steps away with your keyboard. I bet a few submissions of tips to these news organizations just might get their attention.

      Theoretically. Of course.

      Just sayin….

  28. I am eager to hear the union’s official plan, moving forward, after the meeting Tuesday. I’ve been in the field of medical research for nearly 20 years, both in represented and non-represented positions, and I’ve literally NEVER heard of or seen such unprofessional behavior on the part of management. To have what is clearly my life’s work denigrated at this level is giving me – for the first time – second thoughts about my career. To say that the level of disrespect evidenced by this behavior has disintegrated my pride in my work is an understatement.

  29. What OHSU can do next is give us everything we have asked for, including a three year contract. OHSU Administration can then spend those three years rebuilding a relationship with its union employees based on mutual respect and trust in anticipation of new negotiations three years from now.

  30. I would like to thank all the participants of yesterday’s informational picket (including patients and visitors). It was a fantastic turn out from AFSCME 328 members and several other unions, and it gave me great pride to walk the OHSU campus with all of my brothers and sisters while wearing my new AFSCME 328 shirt (required to be in uniform when working). For the past several weeks I have been wearing an older AFSCME 328 shirt (from the PERs take back days) when not at work. So, thank you for the new shirt!
    Also, wanted to thank all of my brothers and sisters for the great respect shown for OHSU Campus operations during this picket. Now it is OHSU’s turn to show us the same RESPECT! End this now with A FAIR CONTRACT that has ZERO TAKE BACKs.
    If forced into a strike by OHSU it will be the first strike of my many career years with several unions, but I am ready willing and MORE than able to strike. Nobody wants to strike, but it is the last effort we have as union members to be treated fairly for the work we do for our employer. This last week speaks volumes of just what our employer (OHSU) thinks of all of us and has been all along bargaining in poor faith!! In all my years of employment working union and non-union jobs I have never worked for a management team that is so pathetic and disrespectful. Further, if OHSU management’s definition of “immediately” when dealing with Dan Forbes’ actions was the same for patient care there would not be a hospital because most patients needing immediate care would die before November 1.
    As for Dan Forbes and his clan of FAKE union online members you need to listen to the Brad Paisley song “Online”. Because the line “I’m so much cooler online, Yeah I’m cooler online” doesn’t work for you (yep you’re still sub-human online). However, the line “I get home, I kiss my mom, And, she fixes me a snack, I head down to my basement bedroom, And fire up my Mac” does fit you because this was so childish it is beyond words.
    Lastly, I want to thank you for this blog site as it gives me a place to vent without fear of OHSU management retaliation. Over the last few months some of my team members were targeted by an OHSU’s bargaining member (mostly verbally questioned, but in a threating manner), but I was able to clear it up with facts & procedures. However, it has given me a lack of TRUST in OHSU’s bargaining team, as well as, management.

    1. Get the information about the threatening behavior to our union staff so they can file an unfair labor practices complaint with the state!

  31. Shepard Brook said ” If you cant do the smart thing, then do the right thing”

    OHSU its time to listen to the Shepard.

  32. My suspicions about OHSU’s promises to bargain “in good faith” has been destroyed completely during this week’s events. I even kept an open mind about the merits of their offers for quite some time but these recent revelations undermined any faith.

    Warning flags shoulda gone off months ago when I noticed who was giving legal counsel to OHSU during contract negotiations.

    From the website of the GSB law firm: ” We help clients foster and maintain a nurturing work environment that is more likely to remain union free.”

    And, ”If union-organizing efforts materialize, we help clients prepare for and effectively respond to union campaigns.”


    I didn’t say nothin at the time because i wanted to respect the game and trust the process. But it seems clear now that OHSU was leaning on legal counsel whose expertise is suppressing unions instead of collaboratively bargaining in good faith. I ain’t passed the bar, but I know a little bit.

    Leaning on orgs like these for legal counsel is like seeking counsel from the Ku Klux Klan while drafting a Civil Rights law.

    1. Wow. That is just revolting.

      I wish unions weren’t necessary because companies treated their employees with the respect they deserved and with fairness. But they don’t. So we have to have unions. And I’m grateful for AFSCME! And I’m using this as an example for my kids as to why unions are necessary.

    1. Hi Terri. The email form was developed by the company that made the videos currently featured on our Facebook page (of Brandon, Karyn, and T.J.)—folks are directed to the form if they click “learn more.” The email is being sent to OHSU executives and board members.

  33. Just want to give some love to Jennifer Barker! Your posts have been so well written, transparent and full of facts. Thanks for all the hard work!

  34. If I could communicate one thing to Dr Jacobs, it would be this:
    You say “employees are truly our best asset” and you want to “finalize a contract that reflects our values and our mutual respect for our members” — if that is truly what you mean… ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!

  35. Why does this employee get to stay on until November?? Anything to do with the fact that bonuses are distributed to the executive class around that time? I am DISGUSTED that this person has access to the private information of every single employee at OHSU….and he gets to keep his job until November. If this were to happen to 99% of the employees here, they would be escorted off the premises unceremoniously with a, “So long. And good riddance.” The hypocrisy never ceases to astonish.

  36. Am I correct in understanding that Frengle has not been asked to resigned- only Forbes?!?
    If so…. why has Frengle not been fired!??!?

  37. Not sure if anyone saw this from just few hours ago. Mostly unrelated to the big task at hand tomorrow, but it looks like there’s another potential for bad rep for the company.

    If I were OHSU I’d be worried about abating another negative press that be happening. If I were on the union side, I’d look into this as yet another symptom and consequence of the employers penny pinching ways. Staffing shortages and patient safety ring a bell for y’all?

    Just sayin….

    (Lund Report content behind freemium paywall)


  38. The bargaining team just re-upped with 3 replacement senior management joining their crew (represented members got notified by OHSU Now this morning). Not sure how much they be in the know of what Forbes and Frengle did.

    It’s curious that they withheld the names of the three new senior management peeps until just now. Something seems odd. And they’re still counseled by that anti-union law firm.

      1. Here’s the text of the message from OHSU:

        “As representatives of OHSU’s management bargaining team, we are stunned and shaken by last week’s events. We have been committed over the past several months to bargaining in good faith with AFSCME. We deeply regret that the independent acts of two individuals have cast doubt on the negotiations process, and we understand we have much work to do to gain your trust and build credibility.

        To assist us in moving forward at this critical time, three leaders have agreed to join the management bargaining team. Jennifer Doll, vice-president, Healthcare Financial Services; Greg Moawad, vice-president, Campus Safety; and Maulin Patel, vice-president, Finance and Treasurer, will join us as we return to mediation today, Aug. 13. We are grateful to all three for stepping up to contribute their knowledge and experience as we continue to work toward a fair contract for you, our valued AFSCME-represented employees.

        We know this is a difficult time, and you and your coworkers are likely experiencing a range of emotions. We also know our words mean little unless supported by our actions. We look forward to getting back to the bargaining table and we remain focused on reaching an agreement that recognizes your hard work and dedication in support of OHSU.

        The OHSU management bargaining team,
        Hollie Hemenway, Human Resources
        Emily Boring, Delivery and Fleet Services
        Carolyn Bruebaker Moore, Pediatrics Ambulatory
        Jennifer Doll, Healthcare Financial Services
        Amar Khouma, Information Technology Group
        Greg Moawad, Campus Safety
        Steve Osgood, Core Labs
        Maulin Patel, Central Financial Services
        Haley Sands, Operating Rooms
        Paul Southerton, Retail Food Services
        Amy Wood, Human Resources
        Esperanza Zozobrado, Sterile Processing
        Michael Brunet, Garvey Schubert Barer (legal counsel)”

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