Unfair Labor Practice Complaint Filed Against OHSU

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A copy of the unfair labor practice complaint against OHSU that we filed with the Oregon Employment Relations Board yesterday can be found HERE. This ULP is in relation to the social-media trolling activities of Patrick Frengle and Dan Forbes. We are requesting multiple, significant remedies. Please read the information in the ULP (the remedies can be found at the end of the PDF) and let us know if you have any questions.

As you can imagine, the last five days (has it only been five days?) have been hectic for our bargaining team and staff. We know our members are anxious for information about how recent developments will affect the actual negotiations process, so we wanted to publish this information for you as soon as possible. Stay tuned for additional communications about our awesome informational picket, links to press we’ve gotten this week,  member actions we have planned for next week (wear green on Monday!) and more. Solidarity!

36 thoughts on “Unfair Labor Practice Complaint Filed Against OHSU”

  1. Hot. Damn.

    Stick it to them. Seriously, I cannot believe how much they have devolved and begun acting like for-profit big business. Shameful.

    1. Providence is running scared too. We’re forming our first union for ancillary staff at PMH and their behavior is is disgraceful. They treat us like adversaries instead of people wanting to bargain for a fair wage scale and safe place for patients.

  2. Are we allowed to wear our AFSCME green shirts at work? I know we’re able to wear OHSU tees in clinics. Do you have any idea?

      1. I’m currently trying to figure out if Transportation can wear green shirts. OHSU’s policy allows any color tshirts under scrub tops. Transportation policy only says they can wear black, grey or white underneath. That policy hasn’t been brought up again since it was put in place back in 2013

        1. Nate, AFSCME pins are easy. I’ve been asked if it’s a strike statement. No, it means I support AFSCME and our bargaining team. I’m certain our reps can confirm this.

          1. I’ve given pins, buttons and badge holders, wristbands, etc. Some just feel intimidated into not wearing afscme insignia.

  3. I am just speechless. Part of me wants to rejoice that we have such a stellar union watching our backs. The other part of me wants to weep at the blatant disrespect and greed that is being displayed by my employer.

  4. And also the fact that they’re hiding behind their very pretty brand and probably don’t give a crap, because, “patients love us so who cares.” :'(

  5. Thank you to our union staff and to the union attorney! Thank you to our union leadership at all levels.
    To my fellow employees- you may have a “Forbes” or a “Frengle” for a manager or director. You may have a bully for a boss. We all know someone who works under a corrupt, negative and abusive individual.
    We all know.
    Here’s what you can do to help yourself or a fellow employee:
    Take notes on your boss’s behavior and conversations. Take the notes right in front of them.
    Read the contract and the code of conduct.
    Send an email to your boss after every conversation to document the encounter and the information.
    Contact our union to help you and take your notes with you. Our union can help you file a grievance for contract violations, file ULP violations with the State, and STAND with you, literally, when you talk to HR or you boss or your boss’s boss.
    Organize in your work area and collectively KEEP TALKING, KEEP QUESTIONING, KEEP GOING UP THE CHAIN until your boss stops or is removed.

    It’s hard, it’s scary. It will take persistence and time. Believe me, I know. But it is the only way to change this organization. It will work. Just ask anyone from rehabilitation services.

    We cannot rely on Dr. Jacobs, the board, anyone in executive leadership or many of the directors or managers to do the right thing and abide by the code of conduct. They have at worst created and at best known but done nothing about a culture that promotes and supports “Aanus” and “Pumpkin-eater” and “Vragina “ behavior. This is evidenced by the past and current employee engagement surveys, the bargaining strategies of OHSU, the current censorship of OHSU now, the continued employment of all managers and directors known to HR and fellow managers and directors to be “problematic” and the utterly inadequate apology from Dr. Jacobs.

    WE have to make them change or make them leave.

    Finally, we are strong together. Stand up for your fellow co-worker and reject OHSU ‘s lies by voting to strike if they don’t show up on the 13th and give us what we ALL need and deserve; Respect by means of not just a fair but a great contract.

  6. I was in the leadership of Local 328 back during strike #1 in the mid-90s (gosh that was so long ago) and the disrespect that OHSU is showing to its employees this time around has the makings of a Fox network reality show!

    OHSU was downright disrespectful to Local 328 then, and then followed with a week shutdown with ONA and then DOZENS of years of trust-building with a new generation of employees.

    Few of us were around back then – the players are different, but the OHSU culture is the same – push the employees until they can’t take it – then spend years fixing the relationship with its employees, and with its patients.

    This ULP is just over the top. Can’t wait to watch the reenactment on HLN.

    Stay strong OHSU employees. Your local has your backs. Not sure what to say about your employer. You can’t negotiate respect and you can’t negotiate trust. But you can expect it from your employer!

  7. As a retired member of AFSCME Local 88 who served on the County bargaining team twice, I’ve been following this story with interest and fury. Good for you for filing the ULP. This behavior is egregious indeed. While shocking, it’s unfortunately not surprising. Some people believe they can do anything they want with impunity. Often those people are managers in large organizations…solidarity forever!

  8. I whole-heartedly agree with Jackie! It may be difficult for some to stand up to a bully manager, but communicate with your co-workers and AFSCME rep, and document, document, document!

  9. I just want to thank our union bargaining team for all the incredibly hard work that they have been doing this entire process. I appreciate the on-going efforts to keep us informed, to advocate for our best interests, and to take the high road. I especially commend you for “going high” in the face of such unethical behavior by OHSU. I stand fully with all my union members and am ready to strike when needed.

  10. I cannot understand how a person is immediately terminated. (resigned) but allowed to work until November!!!! Even when people leave a position they give a two WEEK notice. Is OHSU so disorganized they cannot function without a morally questionable person for four months? This is outrageous!
    I cannot feel much pride working for OHSU at this time

    1. @AFSCME member:

      The only reason he’s here until November is to facilitate the transition to a new HR Vice President. We can’t just give him the boot and expect the vacuum to take care of itself. There’s nothing unusual or suspicious about the timeline. He’s resigned…what more could we want?

      1. Of course there needs to be a transition period, but four months seems excessive. After everything that’s transpired over the past couple of weeks, it’s going to take a long time for me to not be suspicious of OHSU, sadly. It shouldn’t be surprising that other members are also skeptical of OHSU’s statements and actions around this matter.

        1. I’m afraid that he will “transition” the new VP into the same behavior that he has demonstrated. Give him time to empty his desk into a cardboard box (cost to be taken from his final pay) and escort him out. A junior VP can take over.

      2. I can follow the code of conduct in a vacuum. I can do my job without the VP of HR. I was doing it while he spent his time posting as a pumpkin eater. So, I expect we can all muddle through and the vacuum will take care of itself.

      3. @Nathaniel
        What more could we want? I want him out NOW! “effective immediately” is not the correct term to use, if he gets to stay for four more months!

  11. I disagree on a four month transition, you have another executive step in for the transition. Also, no severance package. Why with such an egregious use of position you get to stay on for four months?

    What I really want to see is an outside agency come in for an investigation. When you have high level issues, the problem runs deep and needs to be cleaned out. It is obvious bargaining was not performed in good faith.

  12. Considering the current state of affairs here, I suspect it will take a long time to recruit an individual who wants to take on the dysfunction. I’m guessing we will end up with an interim HR director while they continue to try and fill the position. So, the need for Forbes to stay for a transition is moot. They should fill it now with an interim director and show Forbes the door. I’m sure you have noticed that interim directors, chairs, deans, department heads, etc. have been appointed consistently over the years (and sadly, sometimes that person just also ends up with the job when they abandon the search).

  13. It’s possible I missed it, but I didn’t see Forbes and Frengle’s twitter usernames mentioned in the complaint. Yeah, its more juvenile than vulgar but it definitely conveys their huge lack of respect for the bargaining process and for afscme members as a whole. It shouldn’t be brushed aside.

  14. Question for the union …

    On Danny Jacobs platitude laden post “Standing in the light”, I have commented mentioning Frengle/Forbes

    Someone replied “I was contacted yesterday by OHSU for using the the names you used. I was told to edit my comments or I would be in violation of the code of conduct. I’m curious if you received a similar phone call.”

    Curious what advise the union might have to comply or ignore such requests.

    1. We recommend that employees comply with these requests. Take a screenshot of the comment before and after editing, and take notes about the request (who called and when, and what was said). We’ll be following up with folks who’ve had comments deleted or who’ve had to edit their comments.

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