“Make Them Change or Make Them Leave”

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—guest post by Local 328 unit steward Jackie Lombard—

Thank you to our union staff and to the union attorney! Thank you to our union leadership at all levels.

To my fellow employees: You may have a “Forbes” or a “Frengle” for a manager or director. You may have a bully for a boss. We all know someone at OHSU who works under a corrupt, negative and abusive individual.

We all know.

Here’s what you can do to help yourself or a coworker:

  • Take notes about your boss’s behavior and conversations. Take the notes right in front of them.
  • Read the Local 328 contract and the OHSU Code of Conduct.
  • Send an email to your boss after every conversation to document the encounter and the information that was discussed.
  • Contact our union to help you, and take your notes with you. Our union can help you file a grievance for contract violations, file unfair labor practice complaints with the state and STAND with you, literally, when you talk to HR or you boss or your boss’s boss.
  • Organize in your work area and collectively KEEP TALKING, KEEP QUESTIONING, KEEP GOING UP THE CHAIN until your boss stops or is removed.

It’s hard. It’s scary. It will take persistence and time. Believe me, I know. But it is the only way to change this organization. It will work. Just ask anyone from Rehabilitation Services.

We cannot rely on Dr. Jacobs, the OHSU board, anyone in the executive leadership or many directors or managers to do the right thing and abide by the OHSU’s Code of Conduct. They have at worst created and at best known but done nothing about a workplace culture that promotes and supports “Aanus” and “Pumpkin Eater” and “Vragina” behavior. This can be seen in the results of past and current employee engagement surveys, in OHSU’s bargaining strategies, in the current censorship on OHSU Now, in the continued employment of managers and directors known to their peers and to HR to be “problematic” and in the utterly inadequate apology from Dr. Jacobs for the behavior of Dan Forbes and Patrick Frengle.

WE have to make them change or make them leave.

Finally, we are not just stronger together — we are unstoppable. Stand up for your coworkers and reject OHSU ‘s lies by voting to strike if OHSU doesn’t show up on August 13 and give us what we ALL need and deserve: RESPECT, by means of not just a fair but a great contract.

19 thoughts on ““Make Them Change or Make Them Leave””

  1. Thanks for the advice. I have been working for an ill mannered privilege manager, who is an HR nightmare, well we know now why, HR does not care. This person also refuses to advocate for us employees. Time to document, document and report. The manager’s actions was reported to OHSU, but nothing was ever done and somehow this person is still part of OHSU bargaining committee. We will get through this AFSCME together.

  2. Who. What was said. When it happened. Witnesses. Specifics. All written down. All so important. Tooooo many members roll up to the Local with, “My manager was mean to me. The union need to do something.” Zero can be done with that. If you want change, write it down.

  3. Please, let’s do something to get rid of the two dispicables D. F. and P. F. Perfect initials for such…Thanks for all your hair raising hard work, Afscme 328.

  4. We cannot rely on Dr. Jacobs

    I’ve taken issue with Dr. Jacobs glossing over of the heart transplant program … the manner he addressed Frengle/Forbes was also quite glossy …

    Danny gotta go imo

    1. Jackie can weigh in more, but I just want to clarify that the article doesn’t say we can’t trust the board, but that we can’t rely on them. (Stacy Chamberlain’s statement about recent developments can be found a few paragraphs down in this post.)

      1. Thank you Jennifer. Stacey Chamberlain is excluded from my comments, and I apologize for not making that clear.

  5. We are stronger together and thanks Jackie for the post! We all want a great working environment and it’s easy to say that an awkward or weird interaction with management is a one off. But what the boys have shown us is there is a systemic issue when it comes to management and their ulterior motives. We need to always be looking out for each other and ensure a level playing field. A union isn’t trying to convince you of anything, but instead allow you to see all sides of it, because usually there is more to it. Anybody who was told that we were still in “cost containment” but no longer a hiring freeze knows that.

    And I agree, we deserve a great contract. Actions speak loud, OHSU should do Better.

  6. I’m aware of a particular department who has been on the radar more than once for less-than-ethical manager behavior. A new manager just came in earlier this year, more complaints from this department staff have been reported to integrity….. I cannot believe this new manager is STILL here. It makes me ill that OHSU continues to let this crap slide. As long as the brand is still shiny and patients are still smiling, then why should they care, right?

  7. Yes! Great advice! I had to do this when I started at OHSU. My manager (it came out later) bullied every single person on our floor. We had 200% turn-over in 12 months and it was going to continue. Fortunately some of us (those willing to stick it out) documented enough that we were finally able to get her out. She was known to OHSU as being very problematic, but they gave her a management position anyway. Seems to me that replacing employees costs a lot more money and productivity!

  8. Ay yo let’s put our focus on the most important task at hand this week. The session tomorrow.

    The frustration towards the management especially in light of what Dan Forbes and Patrick Frengle copped up to last week is rightfully justified so. It’s like discovering that your spouse been cheating on you for six months – and you only learned about it last week. That’s how this news feels like.

    Keep in mind however that the management team has probably been working around the clock with that anti-union legal counsel of theirs over the past week. Who knows, maybe that apology by Dr. Jacobs today might be a distraction ploy trying to get members to redirect their energy elsewhere. With coverage of the scandal limited to 2 only Willy Week pieces, PBJ bit and Lund Report, they done some decent work containing the local news spread (I wanna be wrong here though). At this moment I wouldn’t be surprised if they digging for some dirt on us.

    Stay focused yo.

    1. All of this right here! I want to think this is going to result in a fair contract and such but the lack of media coverage and the fact that they are working with clearly anti-union lawyers is more than concerning….

      1. I wanna see the best, but I’mma expect the worst considering how the management bargaining team didn’t respect the game., and who they’re counseled by. I see one of two outcomes tomorrow.

        1. BEST CASE – OHSU accepts the union’s proposals with no pushback whatsoever. The union parties like it’s 1999.

        2. OHSU brings up dirt and unexpected petty allegations to the mediation which is masterminded by their anti-union legal counsel, in an effort to undermine AFSCME’s efforts. Think about it – if I were in their zapatos, that’s what I be doing.

        Like accusing the union of lowered productivity due to time members spent speaking out on internal and external forums, posting libel against Dan Forbes and Patrick Frengle (the former has been allegedly involved, the latter admittedto being behind the vile trolling accounts), and accusing y’all of trying to influence the bargaining outcome on Dr. Jacobs post on OHSU Now that appeared this morning. In other words, trying to weasel out of through technicalities.

        Who knows, perhaps the “open commenting” today was set up by the management bargaining team as a “honeypot” to identity who the outspoken people and the “likers” are. With surveillance and consequences to come later.

        I hope that I’m buggin’ on my worst scenarios and my doomsday speculations get clowned. Crossing my fingers.

  9. I quit my job because of egregious behavior by my department’s managers. Gas lighting, bullying, manipulation, incompetence— this was management’s playbook.

    Yes, it was documented, reported, 328 was at the table with me A LOT. I went up the management chain to dead ends. The department director and senior director(s) didn’t take me seriously. I went to HR and made it to Dan Forbes, but he wouldn’t meet with me. The integrity department let my complaint sit for months, with zero action.

    Working at OHSU was like a game of Chutes & Ladders. In the end, I broke before the managers did. One has since left, but the other is still there, and probably will be there ‘til the end of time.

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