Thank You for a Great Picket!

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Approximately 1,400 people turned out on August 8 to support our union on the picket line. Please check out the event photo album and other picket posts on our Facebook page.

While the crowd consisted primarily of AFSCME Local 328 members, we were joined by supporters such as Jobs with Justice, teachers, postal workers, several AFSCME Council 75 locals (including OHSU Graduate Researchers United), the Oregon AFL-CIO, SEIU Local 49 and Operating Engineers. We were also quite pleased to see many coworkers represented by the Oregon Nurses Association marching alongside us. In addition, many employees brought members of their family, community or social circle.

Prior to the march, we heard from AFSCME International president Lee Saunders, who flew in from Washington, DC, specifically to support our picket, Oregon House of Representatives Majority Leader Jennifer Williamson, Oregon AFSCME executive director Stacy Chamberlain and others. 

Rep. Williamson also mentioned to our union leadership that she had called Connie Seeley — OHSU executive vice president, chief administrative officer and chief of staff — and made it abundantly clear how serious the Dan Forbes resignation and the lack of a contract settlement with our union are.

We’d like to express special thanks to OHSU’s department of public safety, which was extremely helpful with crowd control and pausing traffic as needed, ensuring our picket was safe for participants and for OHSU patients and visitors. 

Finally, we would like to thank all of our members who attended the picket — we couldn’t do any of this without you. We’re not just stronger together — we’re unstoppable.

9 thoughts on “Thank You for a Great Picket!”

  1. Thank you Representative Williamson! Your actions mean so much to me, my family and my patients!
    Thank you Mr Lee Saunders! Your support strengthens my resolve to demand fair treatment from my employer!
    THANK YOU OHSU law enforcement! Your commitment to the safety and wellness of everyone on campus is greatly appreciated!

  2. I was thrilled to learn that Jennifer Williamson was such a great advocate for OHSU AFSCME employees. as I, a former OHSU faculty member, am as well. Ironically, Jennifer was an enthusiastic supporter of Joe Robertson, who is responsible for the OHSU culture and who appointed virtually all of the current executive leadership (and Forbes), going so far as to publicly lauding Robertson for turning OHSU into a state-wide health care delivery corporation and de-emphasizing academics and the university. Her heart, but perhaps not her brain, is in the right place. Where are the governor, AG, and other legislators? Speak up and lead. 7,500 public employees were victim to a fraudulent and unlawful scam of unfair labor practices and harassment.

  3. Very well said Jackie, as always !
    I for one would love to see Salem along with AFSCME International do a complete and separate investigations just to see how much rot there is on top of the hill. After all Salem gives OHSU millions of dollars a year and comes to its aide when needed. It would good to see just what the public tax dollars gets.
    Besides a poorly planned and executed campaign to break our union.

  4. Can you put something out about whether we are allowed to wear AFSCME T-shirts at work? Apparently there is some question about OHSU policy on clothes (T-shirt and/or any shirts with words on them). But the NLRA allows us to wear buttons, t-shirts, hats etc. in support of our union.

    I think it would be helpful if we had some guidance from the union on that. Thank you!

    1. I don’t know if this is authoritative, but there was another comment that said if you’re allowed to wear other logos, you should be able to wear the AFSCME shirt. But if your work area doesn’t allow logos (mine does not), then just wear a green shirt.

      I’m happy to be wrong and/or corrected. But it seems reasonable.

  5. Appreciated the photo from Scappoose – Richmond clinic pharmacy did a little photo in support too. Let it be a reminder that those in the clinics are following and supporting our union as well! Who knows how many staff would have showed up if schedule and location weren’t an issue :)

  6. The picket was amazing!

    I’ve been curious about the 1995 strike – does anyone know of any news articles published about it? I’ve been able to find some from the ONA 2001 strike, but not that one. I’m just curious.

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