26 thoughts on “Still Negotiating!”

  1. Thank you for the update. I cant believe they are pushing so hard! You all are awesome!!!! Thank you for working so hard.

  2. We are in complete solidarity with the fantastic members of our bargaining team!! There are not enough ways we can say thank you for the way you represent all of us with such incredible care and energy!!

  3. Wow! How do you do it???!! I am so impressed with our bargaining team’s efforts throughout this entire process. Thanks a gazillion times over for your hard work, persistence and dedication to getting a fair contract for ALL of us. You are amazing! And a huge shout out to Jennifer for keeping us in the loop on the nitty gritty details. Stay strong!

  4. Thank you for all your hard work and time you are putting in! If OHSU is being crooked & committing illegal actions against it’s employees, what types of crooked & illegal actions are being committed against their patients? It does happen! Thoughts are with you all! Stay strong! We care about our patients!

  5. Out of curiosity, since ohsu negotiated in bad faith during these negotiations, does this mean ya’ll have to start over from the beginning? Also where does afscme stand when it comes to the pay differentials, preceptor pay, and call pay for the represented employees that work in direct patient care i.e the RTs, CSTs, SPD, anesthesia techs, and the rest? Are these matters going to be revisited for the negotiations here on out? I really hope that those issues can be addressed during these future mediation sessions. It is completely unacceptable what OHSU did in this situation. As an employee, it hurts the heart to think that a company that one works for who does such amazing works because of its amazing staff and support teams could behave in this way. Thank you to the negotiations team for all of your hard work, dedication and time representing us. Also good on you all for speaking up and sounding off when you saw this troll like behavior. You are all awesome and amazing…KEEP IT UP!!!!

  6. Amazing work!

    Hoping this final push can result in a fair contract, but also recognize what is on the opposite side of the table.

    Is there a hard stop planned for this session or will it go until someone folds?

  7. Wow I thought I was the only one that was typically up this early. My partner and I have been at the edge of our… well, phones… waiting on updates. I’m sure the other unions at OHSU are pretty keenly watching the progress as well. Thanks for keeping at this for all of us.

    1. Frank, I’m letting this comment through, but I won’t be approving your future comments until you’ve answered my question on the other post.

      Our union wants our members to feel—and be—heard. All voices are welcome in this space, including dissenting ones. I understand that you’re very disappointed that something important to you wasn’t included in the contract. I understand that sometimes people just need to vent, and that’s totally fine—I’ll listen. That doesn’t mean that I’m willing to allow a commenter to repeatedly insult me and the other members of our bargaining team and the work that we did when said commenter isn’t willing to engage in actual dialogue regarding the issue at hand.

      We haven’t had commenting guidelines here because we haven’t needed them, but here are some unofficial guidelines: One-off insulting comment? OK. Insulting comment(s) accompanied by dialogue and engagement? Also OK. Repeated insulting comments without dialogue and engagement? Not OK.

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