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  1. Really get with the program! Stop pocketing all that money! Not only do you all rob us from for our annual reviews but now want more of our earned money!


  2. I was a nurse for 34 years.
    You need to take care of your nursing staff and other hospital staff before you executives take care of yourselves. Without them, you don’t exist.
    Without them, OHSU does not exist.
    It might be time for a whole hospital strike, then we’ll see how, and who runs the hospital. Wake up!

  3. Is it So Hard to consider people who clean the floors, work the cafeteria, clean your offices? Your pettiness is showing.

  4. As longEr term patient there last year in neurosurgery, we were able to bear witness to the overworked conditions our health care providers are already enduring. Can we just now stop acting like greedy sociopaths for ‘productivity’ and get back to reality of sharing profits for the betterment for All society, not just the tippy top? Thanks!

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